Best Mattress For Heavy People In Canada

Heavy sleepers, heavy mattresses - Canada's got you!
Best Mattress For Heavy People In Canada
Tom Greenspan
February 7, 2024

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When it comes to mattresses, finding one for heavier people tends to pose a greater challenge than most others. 

The reason is that people with greater weight require mattresses that can provide adequate support to their bodies without compromising comfort levels. Most standard mattresses available on the market are not designed for the purpose and can easily sag and lose their form with excess weight. 

At the same time, mattresses designed for heavy people should not be very soft, as this can increase the chances of sinking into the mattress. Thus, the mattress should be able to prevent sinking while providing support to heavier body areas like the hips and shoulders. 

Fortunately, there are a few options that have been specifically designed to meet these requirements, and we’ve reviewed the best ones among them here. This will help you select the best mattress for heavy people in Canada easily. 

So, let’s get started!

Some of the Best Mattress For Heavy People in Canada are:

1. Puffy Lux Mattress

Constructed using multiple types of premium quality foam, the Puffy Lux mattress has been designed for stomach, back, and side sleepers. It features an innovative six-layer sleep system that makes it especially suited for heavier sleepers since it can efficiently contour according to their body. At the same time, it offers excellent cooling thanks to the Cooling Cloud foam, which helps dissipate body heat effectively. 

The Puffy Lux mattress is completely manufactured in Canada and has been designed to be used on a wide variety of surfaces, including adjustable frames, box springs, and more. It also comes with a hypoallergenic cover that can help prevent dust mites and makes this mattress ideal for those with allergies. And its lifetime warranty and 101-night trial options further make this mattress a great choice. 


The Puffy Lux mattress may not be ideal for those with a limited budget.


With a high-quality construction comprising several foam layers, the Puffy Lux mattress can deliver outstanding support and comfort for a great night’s sleep. And its hypoallergenic cover, along with a lifetime warranty, is sure to provide an exceptional overall experience. 

2. Ghostbed Flex Hybrid Mattress

The Ghostbed Flex mattress stands out among hybrid mattresses due to its combination of gel memory foam and supportive coils that are designed to offer unparalleled comfort. This mattress also features reinforced edge support, minimizing the chances of slipping off from the sides. And for cooling purposes, there is a quilted cover made from cooling fibre that can be used even on the hottest nights.

Apart from that, the Ghostbed Flex mattress comes with the Ghost Bounce foam from the brand, which provides better contouring, making it ideal for heavier sleepers. And it manages to do so without letting you sink in too deeply, ensuring that movements remain free for unhindered comfort. As for the bottom, it contains individually wrapped coils that promote better spinal alignment, reducing pain and discomfort.  


The Ghostbed Flex hybrid mattress has a slight off-gassing issue when it is first opened.


Offering the benefits of memory foam and spring coils, the Ghostbed Flex hybrid mattress is perfect for heavy sleepers and can provide both adequate contouring and comfort. And the gel infusion and the cooling fibre cover make it the best mattress for heavy people in Canada

3. Simba Hybrid 2500 Mattress

Coming from a brand well-known for its high-quality offerings, the Simba Hybrid 2500 mattress utilizes an Aerocoil comfort layer that takes your sleeping experience to the next level. This layer flexes in response to body movements, delivering personalized support while ensuring proper airflow to prevent heat from getting trapped. And this is supported by the Simbatex open-cell foam layer, which contains graphite for more effective cooling.

The Simba hybrid mattress also features unmatched edge-to-edge support, so you can sleep soundly without worrying about slipping off the bed. But perhaps the best part is that all foam used by the manufacturer in its construction is Certipur certified, meaning it meets the highest quality and safety standards. This also makes this mattress a great choice for those looking for sustainable options.  


The cover of the Simba hybrid mattress is not machine washable.


Thanks to its Aerocoil comfort layer and open-cell memory foam layers, the Simba hybrid mattress delivers an exceptional sleeping experience for all. And its impressive edge support makes this mattress perfect for almost any sleeping position without any danger of slipping and falling.

4. Ghostbed 3D Matrix Mattress

Another exciting product from Ghostbed, the 3D Matrix mattress, has a unique design which includes a thermal conductive gel polymer layer. This allows the mattress to adjust easily according to the sleeper’s body temperature and shape, ensuring greater comfort while sleeping. For contouring purposes, the mattress uses transition foam combined with gel memory foam, which also helps regulate the temperature.

Besides that, the 3D Matrix mattress comes with a Ghost Ice cover, which can be really helpful for those who sleep hot. It ensures maximum airflow to maintain proper freshness throughout the night, so you can wake feeling completely revitalized. And the patented gel polymer material can stretch as required to deliver pressure relief in areas like the neck, shoulders, and hips. 


Those who prefer a firmer mattress may not find this Ghostbed mattress an ideal choice.


The Ghostbed 3D Matrix mattress, with its memory foam and polymer layer construction, can provide outstanding pressure relief while ensuring effective temperature regulation. This, along with its high-quality cooling cover, make this mattress a highly recommended option.

5. Logan & Cove Mattress

A luxury hybrid mattress that comes with premium memory foam and pocket coils construction, the Logan & Cove mattress is a great option for heavy sleepers. Its gel memory foam design is complemented by the temperature-regulating silk, ensuring maximum breathability while you sleep. The foam also possesses excellent contouring abilities and can provide superb pressure relief along with impressive lumbar support for better spinal alignment.  

Also, with the presence of individually wrapped pocketed coils, this mattress does a great job of motion isolation, making it a fantastic choice for couples. And it comes with a 120-night trial, which provides plenty of time to test it out. Finally, the Logan & Cove mattress is completely manufactured in Canada and comes with a 15-year warranty, so you can rest assured regarding its quality.


Being a luxury mattress, this option is a bit pricey.


Made from the finest quality materials, such as silk and Tencel fibres, the Logan & Cove mattress is undoubtedly among the best products in the segment. And since it comes with a long trial and warranty period, users don’t need to worry about replacements and returns.


1. How Firm Should A Mattress Meant For Heavy People Be?

The firmness of a mattress is measured on a scale ranging from one to ten. But the majority of mattresses available on the market have a firmness rating that lies between three and eight. Mattresses with a firmness rating of one are the softest, while those with a firmness rating of ten are the firmest. 

That said, firmness levels tend to be subjective, and the same mattress may appear to be softer to one person and firmer to another. Despite that, heavier people generally find mattresses with a firmness rating of six to eight more comfortable. Such mattresses are said to be medium firm and can offer a certain level of contouring for pressure relief but do not allow the body to sink in. 

On the other hand, some people with more weight prefer mattresses with a firmness rating between nine and ten that do not offer any contouring. But the preferred firmness levels often depend upon the sleeping style and position. For instance, side sleepers may require greater cushioning that can help alleviate pressure more effectively and promote better spinal alignment, thus preferring softer mattresses. 

In contrast, stomach and back sleepers require greater support to reduce discomfort and pain in the hips and lower back and may not need much softer padding.

2. How Thick Should A Mattress For Heavy Sleepers Be?

Determining the perfect thickness of a mattress meant for heavy sleepers requires taking into account several factors. And mattresses can be divided into three categories depending upon their thickness, which include low-profile, medium-profile, and high-profile mattresses. 

Low-profile mattresses are those that have a thickness of fewer than ten inches, while mattresses with a thickness range between 10-12 inches are considered medium profile. Finally, mattresses that are thicker than 12 inches are high-profile. 

It is important to understand that thicker mattresses are not necessarily better, but a high-profile mattress will likely contain more materials and layers. Also, low-profile mattresses need to be firm enough to prevent sinking, which is not the case with high-profile options since they have more or thicker comfort layers.

Mattresses designed especially for heavy people are medium to high profile, so they can provide adequate support. But when using a high-profile mattress, it is important to make sure that the height of the bed suits the mattress. The total height of the bed frame, foundation and mattress should not exceed three feet. 

3. What Should You Look For When Buying A Mattress For Heavy People? 

Keeping certain factors in mind can make it easy to find the most suitable mattress for heavy people, such as:

1. Type Of Mattress

Several types of mattresses are available for heavy people, including foam mattresses, spring coil mattresses and hybrid options. People who require more pressure relief and prefer more conforming mattresses should go with a polyfoam or memory foam mattress. These tend to have better contouring abilities and also offer a plusher feel.

Other similar options include latex mattresses and airbeds, with the former offering decent contouring and the latter being easily adjustable. On the other hand, those looking for firmer support and greater stability might find hybrid or innerspring mattresses a better option. 

2. Responsiveness

Also known as the bounce of the mattress, responsiveness is another important factor to consider when buying a mattress for heavy people. Polyfoam or memory foam mattresses tend to have limited responsiveness and can limit the movement of the sleeper, thus creating a feeling of being stuck. This happens because the chances of sinking into such mattresses are high. 

In contrast, mattresses made from materials like innerspring, latex or even those with hybrid construction tend to be more responsive. These allow better movement, so you can sleep comfortably without feeling stuck. 

3. Contouring

When looking for the best mattress for heavy people in Canada, contouring is another factor that should be considered. The mattress should be able to contour adequately to reduce pressure on areas like the hips, shoulders, and spine without sagging.

That said, mattresses that are highly conforming may not be able to offer proper support, and heavy people can find themselves sinking into them. The ideal mattress should offer minimal to moderate contouring for heavy people to be able to sleep comfortably.

4. Thickness

For heavy people, mattresses that are medium to high profile are the best options as they can easily offer the required amount of support. Thinner mattresses can easily sag beneath the excess weight, especially around the midsection, resulting in an uncomfortable sinking feeling. 

But this does not automatically mean that thicker mattresses will be better. Medium to high-profile mattresses having medium to soft surfaces generally contain additional padding layers but may not be able to offer adequate firm support for heavy people. 

That is why it is important to determine the right thickness to prevent sinking in and deliver the required support. And besides the overall thickness, you need to consider the thickness of the comfort layer. With a thinner comfort layer, the chances of bottoming out are higher, which can cause discomfort. 

5. Material Quality

The quality of the materials plays an important part in the comfort and support experienced by sleepers while also affecting the durability of the mattress. People with a lot of weight generally find that their mattress sags quickly, which is due to the quality of the materials used in the construction. 

This generally happens in the case of low-density mattresses containing inferior-quality materials. That is why it is recommended to look for high-density foam mattresses that can provide better support and are more resistant to sagging. Similarly, latex mattresses constructed using natural and organic latex tend to sag less than those made from synthetic latex. 

As for innerspring or hybrid mattresses, thicker coils are better and can provide more effective relief to pressure points. Also, such coils provide greater stability and even enhance the edge support of the mattress. 

6. Firmness Levels

For heavy people, mattresses that deliver the ideal balance of firm support and soft contouring tend to be medium to extra firm. This is because heavier people are very likely to sink into softer mattresses, which can be quite uncomfortable. That is why it is recommended that people weighing over 230 pounds should opt for mattresses that are firmer.

But the mattress firmness levels should always be considered in light of the sleeping position. For back sleepers, even a mattress that is not extremely firm might be suitable, but it should be able to ensure proper spinal alignment. Some softness may help relieve pressure on the hips and shoulders for side sleepers, while stomach sleepers can do well with an extremely firm mattress.  

7. Pressure Relief

Compared to people with less weight, heavy people require greater pressure relief in areas like the shoulders, hips, and spine. Mattresses that cannot offer such relief can cause pressure build-up, which can lead to pain and discomfort.

However, pressure relief is closely related to the sleeping position, as side sleepers tend to experience more pressure. The reason for that is when the body is on its side. The spine is not naturally aligned as in the case of stomach or back sleepers. 

That is why in such cases, it is important to look for a mattress that can offer adequate pressure relief, ensuring relief to such areas for a restful sleep.

8. Durability

The durability of a mattress is always an important factor to consider, but even more so when buying a mattress for heavy people. This is because a mattress that has to support a larger amount of weight should be strong enough not to sag quickly. 

Generally, the most durable mattresses contain additional coils and high-density foam that can offer better resistance to the strain caused by the larger amount of weight. Also, such mattresses are less likely to develop indentations which can lead to sagging and reduce the life of the mattress.

4. What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Heavy People?

While some heavier sleepers may find innerspring or all-foam mattresses comfortable to sleep on, this isn’t true for the majority. In most cases, hybrid or latex mattresses may be the best option for people with a lot of weight.

Hybrid mattresses generally have the base support layer made from pocketed coils which are stronger than conventional innersprings. This allows them to provide better support and last longer without sagging. 

Similarly, natural latex offers a pressure-relieving feel while being highly resilient and does not compress as easily as synthetic foam. This also makes it ideal for people weighing over 230 pounds, but the construction is not the only factor to consider when buying a mattress. 

It is also important to pay attention to the design of the mattress, and the length is among the most vital factors to consider when it comes to the design. Going with XL, queen, or king sizes is recommended for heavier people with a height of over six feet.

5. Do Mattresses Have A Maximum Weight Limit? 

While not many manufacturers advertise this, all mattresses have a maximum weight capacity. A standard mattress is designed to support upto 250 pounds easily, though this refers to the weight of one person sleeping on one side of the bed. Doubling this will let you know the total weight that the mattress can support. 

It is crucial to check the maximum weight that is supported before buying a mattress, and mattresses designed for heavy people generally state how much weight they can support. This is because going above the stated capacity can void the warranty of the mattress. 

Heavier people should look for a bariatric or specialty mattress that is wider than regular mattresses and can support more weight. In fact, such mattresses can support upto 1000 pounds since they are constructed using an innerspring base along with high-density memory foam or latex foam comfort layers. 

6. Can Heavy Sleepers Sleep On A Bed In A Box?

A bed in a box is similar to a regular mattress, with the only difference being that it is compressed in an airtight bag and rolled up. That means heavy sleepers can use it just like standard mattresses without any worries.

However, finding a bed in a box that contains foam or latex interiors is more likely than one with inner springs or coils. This is because innerspring or coil mattresses are much harder to roll and put in a box.


These were some of the best mattresses for heavy people in Canada that you can check out now. While all these options are great, it is important to consider your personal requirements before making a selection.

And if you’re still confused, we recommend going with the Puffy Lux mattress, which comes with an innovative six-layer sleep system and a hypoallergenic cover. This can deliver the ideal combination of comfort and support for heavier sleepers, ensuring the best sleep experience. 

Another option would be the Ghostbed Flex mattress, which offers reinforced edge support and individually wrapped coils that promote better spinal alignment for effective pressure relief. So, consider your needs carefully and then make a decision.

Now, it is time to wrap things up. Until next time!