Best Mattress For Pain Relief In The UK

Relax and ease pain away.
Best Mattress For Pain Relief In The UK
Tom Greenspan
February 7, 2024

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Chronic pain is an extremely common problem in the UK that affects thousands of people across the country.

While it can occur due to various reasons, such as lack of exercise and conditions like arthritis, using the wrong type of mattress can also result in such problems. If that is the case, you may be thinking of replacing your mattress.

And this excellent guide on the best mattresses for pain relief can help you find a suitable replacement. So, check it out now!

5 Best Mattress Reviews

1. Nectar Hybrid Mattress

The Nectar hybrid mattress comes from a brand known for its high-quality offerings and exceptional customer service. It features a gel memory foam layer that is combined with an innerspring layer, offering a perfect balance of comfort and support. The memory foam comes with CertiPur-US Certification and has great pressure-relieving properties, while the cooling gel keeps you cool while sleeping. 

Additionally, a dynamic transmission layer lies between the memory foam layer and the springs, helping reduce motion transfer and making the mattress bouncier. The innerspring layer delivers superb support for back, shoulder, and hip pain relief and enhances breathability. Below that is an ActiveSupport Stability layer that adds durability to the mattress. And the bottom has a shift-resistant layer with handles that allows adjusting the mattress and prevents the upper layers from moving.  


This Nectar mattress is an expensive option and hence, not suitable for everyone.


Featuring high-quality gel memory foam and innerspring construction, the Nectar hybrid mattress is among the best mattresses for pain relief. It is also incredibly breathable, offers good motion isolation, and can be adjusted easily using the provided handles.

2. Panda London Hybrid Bamboo Mattress

The next mattress on the list comes from Panda London, a brand known for its range of luxury home products. This mattress has an incredibly soft bamboo cover that can be removed and washed easily. The topmost layer of the mattress is constructed using BioCell foam, which is breathable and odour-resistant, ensuring the most comfortable sleeping experience. Then there is the OrthoAlign foam that helps ensure better spinal alignment for superb support. 

Below the foam layers lie the innersprings, and unlike in many other pocket-sprung mattresses, these are high-quality springs that are very effective in motion isolation. This means you or your partner won't get disturbed when using this orthopaedic mattress. There is also a high-density foam layer, which distributes body weight evenly and can absorb movement to ensure restful sleep. Finally, at the bottom, there is an anti-slip layer that prevents the mattress from sliding.    


Some people may find the Panda London mattress a bit on the firmer side.


With its BioCell and OrthAlign foam layers and individually wrapped springs, the Panda London hybrid mattress is among the best orthopaedic mattresses on the market. 

3. DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

The DreamCloud hybrid mattress is ideal for people looking for a luxury option that can help relieve body pain. It features a luxury quilted cover that is completely breathable and enhances the softness of the mattress for better sleep. Additionally, there is a memory foam layer that moulds to the body’s shape to ensure comfort throughout the night. This is followed by the high-quality foam support layer.

It cradles your body and makes the mattress suitable for the stomach, back, and side sleepers. Below that lies the innerspring layer, which comprises 15 cm pocket springs that deliver exceptional edge support and help minimise motion transfer. There is also a base foam layer that provides additional support and is great at absorbing motion. And the manufacturer offers a 365-night trial on this mattress, providing ample time to test it out properly.


The DreamCloud orthopaedic mattress is available in a single firmness option only.


This DreamCloud luxury hybrid mattress is among the best hybrid mattresses and offers an excellent combination of high-quality memory foam and steel springs for comfortable sleep. 

4. Emma Premium Mattress

Few brands are as famous as Emma when it comes to bedding products, which is why we've selected this premium mattress as the next item here. It comes with the Emma UltraDry breathable cover that helps regulate temperature by wicking away moisture and can be washed easily. The temperature-regulating properties are further enhanced thanks to the Point Elastic Airgocell layer, two of which are present here.

This makes the mattress even softer, providing relief to the shoulders and hips. Then there is the Halo Memory Foam layer that provides unmatched pressure relief, making the mattress great for people with chronic pain. For support, the mattress features a 5-Zone Carbon Flex technology, which comprises multiple coil springs that ensure better spinal alignment. The base is made of Emma HRX Supreme foam, which prevents the mattress from sagging and enhances its durability. 


The mattress releases a foul off-gassing odour during the first few days of unpacking.


If you're looking for a high-quality hybrid mattress for back pain relief, then the Emma Premium mattress, with its high-quality construction, can be the ideal option. It has great temperature regulation, offers solid support and is incredibly durable. 

5. Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress

There are several features that make the Simba Pro hybrid mattress one of the best options for people with problems like back and shoulder pain. The first among these are the two layers of Aerocoil springs that ensure proper airflow and deliver complete body support. Then there is the Simbatex foam layer, which is infused with graphite for effective cooling, and topped by a layer of British wool, making it ideal for all weather conditions.

The Simba Hybrid Pro mattress also comes with Edge Lift technology for edge support, which prevents you from slipping or sliding off the bed. And the base has nine separate support zones that allow it to adjust as your body moves while sleeping. This helps ensure proper alignment of the body, which is necessary for pain relief and ensures comfortable sleep. Also, this mattress is Certipur certified, making it an extremely safe option. 


The cover of this mattress cannot be removed or washed.


With dual Aerocoil spring layers and graphite-infused foam, the Simba hybrid mattress offers the softness of a memory foam mattress with the support of a pocket-sprung mattress. It also comes with impressive edge support and can be used in both summer and winter.


1. Can using the wrong mattress cause or increase body pain?

Since your body spends around six to eight hours daily on a mattress, using the wrong mattress can result in improper positioning. And just like when standing up or sitting down, incorrect posture can be a problem when sleeping.

Incorrect sleeping posture can lead to a misalignment of the joints and spine. In such situations, the body can become highly strained, leading to pain and discomfort in areas like the shoulders, hips, and back. That is why it is vital to select a mattress after considering factors like body shape, weight, and sleeping position.

Using the right mattress can help ensure proper spinal alignment, which is closely related to your sleeping position. For side sleepers, the spine needs to be in a straight position, and the shoulders and hips should be able to sink in slightly into the mattress.

Alternatively, the spine should be slightly curved for back sleepers to support the lower and middle back. For stomach sleepers, the mattress should prevent their midsection from sinking too much to prevent the buildup of pressure on the body. 

Additionally, depending on the materials used to construct the mattress, it can help relieve or exacerbate pain. That is why proper research is needed when searching for a new mattress that can help alleviate such problems. 

2. What are some factors to look for when searching for a mattress for pain relief?  

1. Type Of Mattress

Several types of mattresses can be used for pain relief, such as memory foam, coil, and latex mattresses. Each has different properties that can make them suitable or unsuitable for people suffering from chronic pain and scoliosis. 

A memory foam mattress contours itself as per your needs, allowing it to sink in. Memory foam delivers good pressure relief and provides proper support along the spine. Additionally, a memory foam mattress can isolate motion effectively, preventing disturbances. 

Various types of memory foam mattresses are available, such as traditional memory foam made using petroleum-based polyurethane, plant-based memory foam, and gel-infused memory foam mattresses. A traditional memory foam mattress is a softer mattress that uses body heat to mould itself according to your body shape, while plant-based ones are eco-friendly. Finally, gel-infused memory foam mattresses help regulate temperature and ensure breathability. 

Besides memory foam mattresses, there are innerspring or coil mattresses, which are traditional options. A mattress made from innersprings or pocket springs is great if you need a firm mattress, but such mattresses do not last very long. While several types of innerspring coil mattresses are available, a firm mattress with more coils tends to offer better support and comfort. 

An alternative to a memory foam mattress is a latex mattress, which is manufactured using natural or synthetic latex. This is a firmer mattress than a memory foam mattress but offers a good bounce and does not retain as much heat. And such mattresses are hypoallergenic, making them great for people with allergies.

2. Firmness Levels

Mattresses are available in several firmness levels, ranging from extremely soft to very hard. Many people think that a firm mattress is generally better, but this may not be true in all cases. This is because there is no standard firmness level suitable for everyone that can help deal with conditions like fibromyalgia. 

Different people find different firmness levels ideal for pain relief. However, most people find a medium-firm mattress ideal since it is firm enough to support front and back sleepers and offers good cushioning for side sleepers.

Keep in mind that for different people, the firmness levels of a hard or soft mattress can vary greatly.

3. Support 

A good quality mattress should provide proper support to the natural curve of the spine. It should relieve pressure from various body parts, allowing the body to rest and recuperate. But due to the difference in sleeping positions, support can vary from one person to another. 

For instance, a firm mattress may not be ideal for side sleepers since it can cause the development of pressure points in the body. This can lead to stiff muscles, but stomach and back sleepers may find such mattresses suitable. 

Such sleepers should avoid soft mattresses as they can result in the sinking of heavier parts like the pelvis into the mattress. This leads to the misalignment of the body. That is why softer mattresses are the best for side sleepers since they can relieve pressure from shoulders and hips. 

4. Return Policy  

Another factor to consider when buying orthopaedic mattresses is the return policy. The return policy is generally mentioned on the website of the brand and can help you know the conditions under which returns are accepted. Brands that provide a longer return period provide a better user experience.   

If the mattress fails to deliver the desired experience, it can be returned for a refund during the period. And when you're checking the return policy, find out whether the manufacturer offers a trial period. Many manufacturers allow you to try the mattress out for a certain period before making a decision. 

Finally, check the warranty provided on the mattress and what it covers. The best mattresses come with good warranties that make replacements and repairs hassle-free. 

5. Price

The price may be the most important factor to consider when searching for the best mattress for pain relief in the UK. In most cases, a mattress requires significant investment but finding affordable, good-quality options is possible. The important thing to keep in mind here is that it is better to go with a costlier option if it can deliver better sleep quality. 

Selecting one that is cheaper but does not ensure comfortable sleep can lead to problems like back pain, joint pain, and loss of sleep, affecting your overall health. Also, such mattresses may not be very durable and will need replacing soon. Ultimately, you will be spending more on healthcare if that is the case. 

3. What types of mattresses are available for pain relief?

Generally, mattresses can be categorised into five types, each offering specific features, though these can vary from brand to brand. 

1. Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses have an innerspring core with a cotton, microfibre, or foam layer on top. Such mattresses have a thicker comfort layer than innerspring ones but do not heat up as much as memory foam mattresses. They offer proper support and good comfort levels, making them ideal for most people with chronic pain problems. 

2. Innerspring Mattresses

As mentioned before, innerspring mattresses are made of metal springs or coils with a thin polyester, foam, or cotton comfort layer. While such mattresses were very popular earlier, most people prefer other options like memory foam or latex ones nowadays for pain relief. But these mattresses are affordable and can be customised easily using a memory foam or latex mattress topper. 

3. Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses are constructed using rubber tree sap or synthetic compounds, but mattresses made with natural latex are better. In most cases, the support and comfort layers are made using different types of latex. Latex is a good option for people looking for a firmer mattress than memory foam and has mild contouring effects but does not allow you to sink in.

4. Airbeds

Airbeds are made of inflatable chambers that you can fill with air using a remote or smartphone app. This construction allows adjusting the firmness levels of the mattress easily, allowing you to get the benefits of a firm mattress or a soft mattress in a single option. 

5. Foam Mattresses

Foam can be used for both the support and comfort layers of a mattress, and this material is very effective in providing relief from hip, shoulder, and back pain. The most popular mattress among foam mattresses is a memory foam mattress, which can mould according to your body shape and provide pressure relief to areas. Other types of foam used for mattresses include polyfoam, latex foam, etc. 


People with chronic pain can find it hard to sleep comfortably. This can lead to problems like sleep loss, irritability, and other health problems. Using the right mattress can help prevent such problems by providing relief from pain and discomfort, ensuring proper sleep. 

And this guide on the best mattress for pain relief in the UK can help you find the most suitable option for that purpose. All of the products reviewed here are great picks, so selecting the right one may not be easy.

If you’re confused, we recommend the Nectar Hybrid Mattress, which features a gel memory foam construction and comes with Certipur US certification for the best sleeping experience.