Best Mattress For Pregnancy In Australia

Sleep like a baby bump.
Best Mattress For Pregnancy In Australia
Tom Greenspan
February 7, 2024

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There is perhaps no other time in a couple's life more important than when they are expecting a child.

But when pregnant, being comfortable while sleeping can be quite challenging. The body sees several changes during this period which can result in reduced sleep quality and daytime sleepiness. And these changes may also require leaving the bed frequently.

The role of a new mattress during pregnancy becomes critical, as a poor mattress can actively worsen sleep quality. And since poor sleep can be quite troubling, it's important that you choose the right mattress before reaching the latter stages of pregnancy.

So, let's look at some of the best mattresses that can help you get good quality sleep during pregnancy. These bring in practical applications for improving the quality of life while you sleep as well.

5 Best Products Reviewed

1. Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress

The headliner of the Emma range, the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress, is a multi-layered mattress that aims to be cooling and comfortable. These layers include a graphite foam layer, a comfort foam layer, a pocket-coil layer, and an HRX foam base. This combination results in a comfortable mattress capable of warding off body heat while providing ample pressure relief to your joints.

With a slightly firm feel, the Emma Diamond may be responsive enough to allow a pregnant person to move in and out of bed easily. Its adaptive memory foam can adjust according to the user's position as well, providing ample support during sleep. Adding to its comfort, the pocket-coil layer is covered in comfort foam to make it a little softer and more supportive.

Moreover, the pocket-coil layer can maximise motion isolation, which may be preferable for couples.


The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress may fall a little short when it comes to edge support.


The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress has many features that may come in handy during pregnancy. It is a soft mattress capable of providing a comfortable night's sleep with its comfort and pocket spring layers while keeping the user cool throughout the night.

2. Origin Hybrid Mattress

Featuring no less than 6 layers, the Origin Hybrid strives to make sleep during pregnancy as relaxing as possible. But despite its 6 layers, it manages to remain lightweight and easy to move, should the need ever arise. Additionally, the Origin comes with reinforced sidewalls that provide you with extra edge support. This makes leaving the bed and getting back on it simpler and straightforward, even during the latter stages of pregnancy.

The Origin is a medium-firm mattress, which is a firmness level that may be preferred by most. Its pocket springs remain consistently supportive, giving the mattress a responsive feel. And it aims to keep side and back sleepers the most comfortable, which favours pregnant people the most. Besides, it manages to keep the shoulders and spine aligned while keeping you cool, which may make your night more comfortable.


The cover that comes with the Origin Hybrid cannot be machine-washed, which can be troublesome when you need to clean it.


The Origin Hybrid Mattress is a medium-firm product with additional edge support that can be handy for pregnant people. This mattress has a slight plushy quality to it while providing enough response to be supportive.

3. Emma Comfort Premium Mattress

The premium version of the Emma Comfort Mattress, the Emma Comfort Premium Mattress uses 5 layers to keep you cool and comfortable. It comes with a moisture-wicking and breathable cover, underneath which is the Airgocell foam layer and an adaptive visco-elastic foam layer for comfort. Underneath it is the AeroFlex pocket spring layer for zoned support. And lastly, the mattress has a high-density foam base for keeping your shoulders supported. 

This mattress has a medium-firm feel that offers a plushy top with a supportive base. And its pressure-relieving properties may be favourable for side sleepers in particular. The Emma Comfort Premium mattress is made from high-quality materials, which helps it last for a long while. After purchasing, the brand offers a 100-night sleep trial, which can help you decide if the mattress suits your needs or not.


Much like the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress, the Emma Comfort Premium Mattress could have benefitted from more edge support.


For supporting the back and shoulders, the Emma Comfort Premium Mattress may be an option to consider. The 3 foam layers in this mattress can alleviate back pain that pregnant people often face, making an interrupted sleep less likely.

4. Dusk And Dawn Premiere Mattress

Featuring 9 layers, the Dusk And Dawn Premiere MK2 mattress strives to keep you comfortable through the night. It comes with a removable cover, followed by an Eco-Air technology foam layer, 3 comfort layers, pocket springs for zoned support and a support base. Needless to say, these layers increase the thickness of the mattress by quite a bit.

Moreover, it’s a medium-firm mattress that won't have the user sink deep into the bed. The mattress also offers decent support and is breathable, making it an option for many sleep positions. Your spine and sensitive joints will receive ample support, keeping them free of any pain as you sleep. Additionally, the spring layer has low motion transfer, which may be preferable for couples.


The Premiere MK2 is a premium mattress and is priced similarly, making it an expensive option to consider.


The Dusk And Dawn Premiere MK2 is a breathable and supportive mattress with several layers to provide comfort. It is not too plush or too firm, and it has enough give to keep your sensitive areas free of pain as you sleep.

5. The Koala Mattress

The Koala mattress is an option that strives to provide comfort and support to the user with multiple layers of foam. It features a detachable comfort layer, allowing you to choose between two different comfort levels. This comfort layer is double-sided, featuring a TENCEL and polyester blend fabric cover and a support base made using polyurethane foam.

The mattress has a medium feel on the softer side, while being medium-firm on the other. You can switch between the two sides easily by unzipping the mattress and flipping the top layer over. This adds a layer of customisable support, which affords the mattress the ability to keep up with the changes during pregnancy. And the Zero Disturbance feature further contributes to a comfortable night's sleep.


The Koala mattress requires a break-in period that lasts anywhere from a few nights to a full week.


The Koala mattress is an option to consider since mattress firmness preferences often change during pregnancy. Its all-foam build is supportive and comfortable on both the soft and firm sides, which can make the mattress desirable.


1. What should you look for in the best mattress for pregnancy?

Choosing a mattress is a task complex enough as is, and choosing one for pregnancy is even more so. One of the most important points to be mindful of when expecting is that changing position during pregnancy isn't as easy. Many choose to sleep on their left side when pregnant, as it is the safest sleeping position for the baby.

Thus, while there are several qualities to look for in a mattress, those expecting a baby should keep an eye on two in particular. These are the spinal support and pressure relief that the mattress offers. If the mattress of your choice offers both in spades, you may look at other properties to make an informed decision.

Let's explore these qualities in detail and find out what your future mattress for pregnancy should be.

A. The Support

As mentioned earlier, pregnant women won't be able to move around frequently with ease as they sleep. The support a mattress offers becomes doubly important in such cases. If it lacks proper support, it can lead to body aches, poor sleep and high fatigue.

No matter the sleeping position, the mattress should be able to provide ample support and avoid these issues. And since sleeping on the left side is considered better, it may be good to look for a mattress that specialises in side sleeping position. This will be particularly beneficial for those in the second or third trimester of pregnancy.

B. The Pressure Relief

A mattress that conforms to the user's body weight and shape and can relieve pressure is often the one favoured by most. For pregnancy, this is no different, as proper pressure relief can help provide a good night's sleep.

There is a balance to be struck when looking at the pressure relief of a mattress, as one that sinks too much may cause discomfort. The increased pressure on sensitive parts of the body can lead to sub-par spinal support, which is far from ideal when pregnant.

C. The Materials Used

The materials used to make a mattress determine how comfortable and supportive it is, in addition to its longevity as well. A high-quality mattress uses high-quality materials and will, naturally, be better at its job.

Something that is not as much of a concern otherwise is the hypoallergenic property of the mattress. If you suffer from allergies while pregnant, it's for the best to ensure that the mattress doesn't use any allergens in its make. Moreover, it should be able to ward off any allergens, ensuring a comfortable and appropriately long sleep.

D. The Edge Support

Edge support makes it so that the edges of your mattress don't begin sagging as time goes on. Even in general use, edge support is critical to distribute your weight across the mattress without any issues.

Better edge support will enable you to get in and out of bed easily, which is particularly helpful in the latter stages of pregnancy. 

E. The Firmness

Mattress firmness dictates how comfortable the bed feels. During pregnancy, due to the constant shifts in physiology, it can be difficult to stick to one firmness level. A firmer mattress can make back problems worse, while a softer one may cause the user to sink in. As the baby grows, the mattress will have to continue being supportive without any discomfort.

Some mattresses give the user an option to choose between two firmness levels by including two comfort layers. These layers are generally located on opposite sides of the mattress, allowing you to pick a firmness level between a softer and firmer side.

F. The Heat Regulation

Hormonal shifts during pregnancy can cause you to warm up at night. So, your mattress should be able to keep you cool through the night with proper airflow and breathable materials.

Typically, hybrid and latex mattresses perform this task the best. You can go with an all-foam mattress as well, provided that the manufacturer uses temperature regulation-specific technology to make it. Infusing foam with gel is another such technology that can prevent the mattress from trapping excess body heat.

G. The Price

There are a lot of expenses associated with pregnancy, and naturally, you'd want to save as much money as possible. This makes the price of your future mattress quite important since a mattress is a hefty investment.

Both the mattress quality and features are impacted by the price. Of course, the pricier the mattress, the more features and the higher quality it will be. The key here is to find a balance between these elements to get the most value out of your investment.

2. What are the best mattress types for pregnancy?

There are four different kinds of mattresses on the market that can provide the support needed when pregnant. These include memory foam, latex, hybrid and airbed mattresses. Each brings a unique quality to enhance your sleep, as well as a few disadvantages.

Before we dive into the world of mattress types, let's discuss innerspring mattresses first. These were formerly the best type of mattresses before memory foam came into the picture. They use several lines of springs that respond to the user as a unit to spread their weight evenly. 

The trouble with them is that as they age, they become significantly less supportive and fragile. Broken springs and reduced support are far from an ideal prospect when pregnant, making them quite undesirable as your primary mattress.

With that, let's explore the different mattress types that can be good to use during pregnancy.

A. Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam has been one of the most prominent mattress materials on the market for quite a while now. Only recently has it been challenged as the king of the mattress material hill, and even then, certain technologies have only made it better. Technologies like gel infusion have eliminated some of the flaws associated with memory foam mattresses.

The unique property of memory foam is that it conforms to the user's body uniquely, providing comfort along with support. And it is no slouch in the pressure-relieving aspect either, as it can keep your hips and shoulders well-supported.

In its basic state, memory foam can sleep quite hot, but modern mattresses no longer have that issue. The comfort of gel memory foam and its convenience will continue to keep its presence known on the market.

B. Latex Mattresses

The all-natural latex is one of the few competitors that memory foam has seen over the past few years. Providing targeted pressure relief and high support in exchange for a slightly firmer feel, latex mattresses can be quite good for shoulder and hip support. 

And since latex foam mattresses are made from the sap of the rubber tree, you can expect them to be quite durable. Their hypoallergenic property takes this durability even further.

Latex mattresses often see very little issue with warding off body heat, as they remain quite breathable. If you suffer from allergies, latex mattresses may be a good option for you.

C. Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses take the positives of memory foam and innerspring mattresses and bring them into a cohesive package. And lacking the flaws of either, the combination ends up being supportive and comfortable. In hybrid mattresses, the airflow is high, the motion transfer is low, and the contouring is pressure relieving- the very qualities most desirable when pregnant.

Typically, you will find no less than 3 layers in a hybrid mattress, with the number rising to 6 or 7 in premium models. These may include comfort layers, a layer of pocket coil springs for support and a dense base.

D. Airbeds

Airbeds are inflatable mattresses that contain support cores filled with pockets of air. At the press of a button on your remote control, the mattress in a box can inflate or deflate as per your preference. This gives you complete control over how firm the bed should be. Moreover, you can find airbeds with zoned air chambers that further increase your control over mattress comfort.

In a sense, airbeds can be considered a subset of hybrid mattresses. Their core design remains the same, only replacing pocket coil springs for air pockets. Airbeds may even be considered better in some cases, particularly for those seeking a pressure-relieving mattress.

Final Verdict

A medium-firm mattress is the kind of mattress that will likely fit right into your or your partner's preferences during pregnancy. But it can be difficult to pick a mattress during this period of change in your life.

As per our tests, the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress served as the best mattress for pregnancy on the market. Its comfortable and supportive qualities provide a complete sleep experience, with low motion transfer and breathability in tow.

With that in mind, you shouldn't overlook other mattresses like the Koala or the Origin Hybrid either. They can match the Emma Hybrid in terms of utility and performance, and they may cater to your tastes as well. It's worth remembering that each product has a different specialisation.

And that concludes our guide to the best mattresses on the market that can help pregnant women sleep. The key thing to note here is that the preferences of you or your partner matter the most. At the end of the day, the pregnant person's the only one capable of choosing the correct mattress.