Best Mattress For Pregnancy In Canada

Sleep Soundly, Mama-to-be
Best Mattress For Pregnancy In Canada
Tom Greenspan
February 7, 2024

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Pregnancy brings about irregular sleep patterns along with general pain and aches. 

Although getting rid of the general symptoms that accompany pregnancy is not easy, a comfortable mattress can provide some relief and ensure that you enjoy deep sleep. That said, the ideal pregnancy mattress should be of high quality and free from all toxins. Besides, it should offer pressure relief and ample support to your changing body. 

With the right mattress, your hip or lower back pain will be reduced, and you can enjoy restful sleep without tossing and turning throughout the night. So, if you want to buy a pregnancy-friendly mattress in Canada, our guide has listed and reviewed some of the best options for you to consider. 

There are different types of mattresses for pregnancy, from memory foam to innerspring ones. Let us take you through our top choices without wasting more time. 

5 Best Mattress For Pregnancy Reviews 

1. Puffy Lux Mattress 

If you thought sleeping on a surface as soft as a cloud was impossible, think again! Whether you’re a back or side sleeper, the Puffy Lux Mattress will offer proper spinal support and relieve pressure points. This memory foam mattress can be placed on any frame and is hypoallergenic, reducing the chances of triggering allergies. Besides, it uses the Cooling Cloud technology, thus ensuring the mattress doesn’t run too hot. 

Moving on, this mattress features a ‘6-layer sleep system’ designed to contour to the shape of your body, minimize any strains on joints, and relieve back pain. It also comes with a stain-resistant cover that can be removed and tossed into the washing machine for seamless cleaning. To top it all off, the brand offers free shipping, a 101-night trial period, and a lifetime warranty on the product. 


The Puffy Lux Mattress is an ultra-comfortable, feature-studded mattress with a slightly high price tag, which may be a drawback for some. 


This memory foam mattress from Puffy is ideal for combination sleepers and provides the perfect balance between comfort and support. In addition, it offers proper edge support, minimizes motion disturbance, and has an airy feel, making it perfect for a good night’s sleep. 

2. GhostBed Classic Mattress

The GhostBed Classic is a medium-firm mattress that combines different foam layers to give you proper support and cooling. The top layer is made of aerated latex, and this is coupled with open-celled gel memory foam and high-density, sturdy polyfoam. The aerated latex helps dissipate body heat and encourages breathability, whereas the gel-infused memory foam further cools the body while contouring completely to its shape. 

Moving on, this mattress is highly responsive and helps alleviate back pain while encouraging spinal alignment and a proper sleep posture. Additionally, it comes with a 20-year warranty, a 101-night trial period, and a soft cover. We must add that this mattress is made of premium, hypoallergenic materials sourced locally, and you won’t have to worry about allergy-triggering or harmful chemicals.


The GhostBed Classic Mattress may be slightly too firm for those who prefer softer mattresses, so we recommend testing the product properly during the trial period. 


The GhostBed Classic is a mattress that provides great support, particularly to back sleepers, and helps relieve joint and back pain. It offers great bounce and comfort while also being quite durable. In addition, it ensures proper ventilation and temperature regulation throughout the night. 

3. Simba Hybrid 2500 Mattress

The five-layered hybrid 2500 mattress from Simba has been designed after extensive research and analysis of the body data of millions of sleepers. Hence, it comes as no surprise that it features five layers to provide more support and unbeatable comfort. Aside from a breathable sleep surface, this mattress features an Aerocoil spring layer packed with 2,500 steel springs to provide support and minimize motion disturbance. 

In addition, this mattress uses an open-celled, graphite-infused Simbatex foam that facilitates seamless airflow and improves breathability. Besides, the mattress offers edge-to-edge support, and the base contains five separate support zones to keep your body properly aligned and prevent dipping or rolling off. Capping it off, the product is recyclable and contains no artificial dyes or harmful chemicals, so that’s definitely a win in our books. 


The Simba 2500 Hybrid Mattress features a top cover made of polyester, which isn’t machine-washable, so maintenance might be a bit of an issue if that’s one of your concerns. 


The Simba Hybrid Mattress is an award-winning product that comes with a 10-year warranty. Besides, it provides excellent ventilation and pressure relief so you can enjoy a restful sleep without waking up with aches and pains. Lastly, its temperature-regulating properties ensure that the mattress remains a perfect pick, even for summer months. 

4. Brunswick Spring Mattress

This medium-firm Brunswick Spring Mattress comes with four layers, each enhancing the product's functionality. The top quilted cover is made of natural fibres, which are highly breathable and enhance the durability of the product. Besides, it uses dual-layered gel foam that dissipates heat and adapts to the sleeper’s body shape. 

Adding to this, the mattress has a high-density foam layer that improves spinal support and steel springs that negate partner disturbance while properly distributing the body’s weight. These innerspring coils also provide excellent lumbar support by using thicker springs around the areas which need more support. Thus, with all these features to enhance your sleep, you are likely to wake up feeling refreshed. 


The Brunswick Spring Mattress only offers a singular firmness option: medium-firm. So, if you want something different, consider checking out the other options on our list. 


With a 15-year warranty and a 120-night trial, the Brunswick Spring Mattress leaves no room for complaint. It combines gel memory foam with high-density foam and innerspring coils to relieve pressure points and provide proper spinal support. These ergonomic layers are perfect for supporting pregnant people and also keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. 

5. Logan & Cove Mattress

Another excellent product, the Logan & Cove mattress, is a perfect mix between functionality and style. It comes in various sizes and two firmness options: medium-plush and luxury firm. The luxury firm is particularly suitable for heavier bodies as it doesn’t create a sinking feeling and provides maximum support. In addition, it has pocketed coils and memory foam, which absorb movement and minimize partner disturbance. 

In addition, this mattress is formulated with different foam layers that combine to adjust to the contours of your body while also ensuring temperature regulation. Furthermore, the gel-infused memory foam layer comes with a top layer made of high-quality Tencel fibres that provide great ventilation. The best part of this mattress is the multiple foam layers that mould to your body’s shape, ensuring excellent lumbar and spinal support. 


The edge support on this mattress is not as good as the other options we’ve listed for you in this guide. 


The Logan & Cove pillowtop mattress has a 15-year warranty and a 120-night sleep trial. With multiple layers of foam, this mattress provides excellent pressure relief and keeps your body well-supported throughout the night. Not to forget, it ensures you enjoy prolonged sleep by negating motion transfer. To top it all off, it is made from highly durable, eco-friendly materials which are free from toxins. 


1. How to choose the right mattress for pregnancy?

Choosing the right mattress for pregnancy is a difficult task since several factors must be considered. The mattress you choose should ideally combine motion isolation, spinal support, pressure relief, and breathability. These features ensure you sleep comfortably throughout the night, and the mattress doesn’t add to your aches and pain. 

However, there are other factors you need to consider, such as budget, firmness options, edge support, etc. We’ve listed them for you here: 

A. Materials

The mattress you choose should be made of hypoallergenic materials that are free from any toxins. Besides, eco-friendly, locally sourced materials are usually highly durable and add to the lifespan of your mattress. Look for a mattress that comes with high-density foam, thicker coils, etc., since these enhance the mattress's lifespan. 

B. Mattress Type

When it comes to different mattress types, you will be spoilt for choice. From innerspring, latex, and foam to hybrid - there are numerous options available on the market. Consider investing in a mattress that caters to all sleeping positions and supports different body types.

This way, you would be able to use the mattress after pregnancy, and it will be comfortable for your partner as well.  

While pregnant, you should be sleeping on your side. So, look for a mattress that is specifically designed to support side sleepers and relieves them from the pressure that may build up on the hips and shoulders. A mattress that is firm and contours to the shape of your body will do the trick. 

C. Edge Support

During pregnancy, you may frequently need to get up in the middle of the night for bathroom visits. A mattress that provides edge-to-edge support ensures you can get up easily without the risk of slipping off the edge. Usually, hybrid and innerspring mattresses offer great edge-to-edge support. 

D. Firmness 

The level of firmness you desire from the mattress changes as the pregnancy progresses. If you feel your current mattress is too soft, add a mattress topper to make it firmer. Conversely, you can add soft padding if the existing mattress feels too firm. 

Usually, if you are purchasing a new mattress, a medium-firm one is the best way to go. The brands we have listed above offer a trial period, so you can test the mattress and find out if it meets your needs.

E. Temperature Regulation

Hormonal fluctuations are a common occurrence during pregnancy, and if you experience night sweats, you need a breathable mattress that facilitates airflow. 

Usually, hybrid, gel-infused, and latex mattresses provide sufficient ventilation and help regulate temperatures. In turn, this ensures that you do not get too hot at night and can sleep peacefully. 

F. Price

Last but not least, the price of a mattress plays a huge role. You must decide on your budget for a mattress and explore options within that price range. A mattress that is of good quality will also be highly durable, so view your purchase as an investment. On average, most high-quality mattresses can last from 6-10 years. 

2. Which mattress is most comfortable for pregnancy?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to pregnancy and comfort. Different people find different things comfortable. While some may prefer softer mattresses, others might want one with a firmer feel. Here are some mattress types and their advantages:

A. Hybrid Mattress

Ideally, a hybrid mattress should provide sufficient support and cushioning since it combines a comfort layer with pocketed coils. The comfort layer can be made from memory foam, polyfoam, latex, etc. 

Hybrid mattresses provide edge-to-edge support, promote temperature regulation, and relieve pressure points. Thus, it is recommended for spinal alignment and back support. 

B. Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses have a great bounce and seldom trap heat. In addition, they have reinforced edges which facilitates ease of movement. 

C. Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are usually high-density mattresses that adapt to the body’s shape and provide relief to pressure points. This is particularly helpful if you suffer from joint pain during pregnancy. However, memory foam mattresses tend to run a little hot unless they are gel-infused. 

D. Latex

Latex is more breathable than memory foam and provides excellent pressure relief. In addition, it is highly responsive, hypoallergenic, and durable. 

3. Why is the right mattress so important for pregnancy?

Pregnancy is tough on the body and is accompanied by numerous hormonal changes. As a result, sleeplessness, restless legs, and night sweats are common. In addition to this, many women experience aches and pain, which keeps them up at night. Back pain is particularly typical as the baby continues to grow. 

As we have mentioned earlier, it is not possible to completely do away with these challenges that accompany pregnancy. However, you can make these symptoms more bearable by ensuring that the environment is cohesive for proper, prolonged sleep. 

Investing in a high-quality mattress, therefore, becomes of the utmost importance during pregnancy as it helps you sleep better. A good mattress will provide back support, facilitate airflow and keep your spine aligned. As such, the quality of your sleep is most likely to improve. 

Besides a good mattress, you should use high-quality pillows that support your neck or can be placed under the stomach to alleviate pressure on joints and provide relief.

4. Are mattress toppers useful during pregnancy?

Mattress toppers are generally used to add an extra layer of cushioning and support to your existing mattress. This is particularly useful when the mattress is firmer or softer than you’d like, as you can simply add a layer to make it more usable. Besides, if you have a slightly worn-out mattress and don’t want to invest in a new one, a mattress topper is the way to go. 

During pregnancy, mattress padding can offer relief to women experiencing back aches or joint pains. This can help to a certain extent as it offers ample cushioning and support. 

Usually, a mattress topper that is at least two inches thick with memory foam construction is helpful for balancing your body weight and alleviating pressure on joints. Besides, some top-quality mattress covers are infused with gel or graphite, which makes them breathable and encourages air circulation. This makes them ideal for women who experience night sweats or sleep a little hot in general. 

For added softness, you should opt for high-density foam padding that adjusts to the contours of your body and helps ease discomfort. Besides, if you need additional support or cushioning, we recommend opting for a thick topper with innerspring layers. 

Mattress toppers made of innerspring layers are also quite durable, so they stay in shape for a very long time. 

Final Verdict

We hope this guide will help you find the perfect pregnancy mattress to fulfil all your requirements and provide maximum comfort. 

Our carefully curated list has several options that have unique features to meet varying needs. Based on our research, the Puffy Lux Mattress is a fantastic choice if you want a highly comfortable, cooling mattress that supports your back and keeps the spine aligned. Besides, this mattress is made of top-quality materials that are eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. So, that’s a welcome bonus. 

In fact, all the mattresses we’ve listed in this guide are made of premium materials that do not use harmful chemicals or trigger allergies. Furthermore, they enhance back support and provide pressure relief so you can enjoy a long night’s rest during your pregnancy. 

The best part is that these mattresses offer a trial period, so you can test them before investing. With that, we’ll be signing off. Take care!