Best Mattress In The Philippines

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Best Mattress In The Philippines
Tom Greenspan
February 7, 2024

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According to a recent study, people living in the Philippines are among those getting the lowest amount of sleep in Asia.

Several reasons are responsible for this, such as improper lifestyles, medical conditions, long working hours, etc. One reason that is often overlooked is the use of improper bedding products, like mattresses and toppers. 

The wrong type of mattress can make it difficult to fall asleep and even cause problems like back and joint pain. And lack of sleep can cause other issues, like irritability, lack of focus, exhaustion, etc. So, one of the first things to do when dealing with sleep problems is to change your mattress. 

And we’ve reviewed the best options available in the Philippines here in this guide to help you. So, check it out now! 

8 Best Mattresses In The Philippines [Reviews]

1. Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress

Emma is the first brand many consider when buying a mattress, thanks to its high-quality offerings like this hybrid mattress. It features a unique Diamond Degree technology that uses diamond and graphite particles in the mattress foam to regulate temperature. In addition to that, the mattress comes with a 7-zone spring technology that allows the memory foam layer to provide exceptional support. There is also a removable elastic cover that keeps the mattress protected.

This cover is completely breathable and can even be machine-washed for easy maintenance. Coming to the foam layer, this helps distribute the body weight uniformly and contours according to your body for maximum comfort. It rests on top of the pocket springs layer, which prevents you from sinking in, ensuring proper support while sleeping. The base layer is also made of foam and provides durability to the mattress.


The Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress is not the cheapest option on the market.


With its Diamond Degree technology that keeps the mattress cool and removable cover that makes maintenance easy, this hybrid mattress is a fantastic offering from the Emma brand.

2. Emma Original Mattress

Another impressive option from Emma is the Emma Original mattress, a memory foam mattress designed to deliver the best sleeping experience. It comes with a washable soft cover and Point-elastic Airgocell foam that makes it more responsive than standard memory foam mattresses. And it offers a better bounce, which is impossible with regular memory foam, so you do not need to worry about sinking in.

Below the Airgocell foam layer lies another adaptive foam layer, which supports the spine, helping relieve joint pain. This layer also does a good job of minimizing motion transfer, making this mattress great for couples. Finally, the bottom is made of HRX foam that ensures easy movement while sleeping and provides maximum comfort. The Emma Original mattress also meets Oeko-Tex 100 standards and is one of the safest options. 


This all-memory foam mattress tends to retain heat and can get a bit hot.


The Emma Original mattress, with its Airgocell and HRX foam layers and washable cover, is one of the best memory foam mattresses you can buy right now. 

3. Comfort Living Philippines Hybrid Spring Mattress

If you’re looking for a premium hybrid mattress with superb adaptability and support, the UltraLux Hybrid Spring mattress from Comfort Living Philippines is a good choice. It is an extremely plush mattress that combines CoolTech gel memory foam with natural latex and individually wrapped pocket coils, offering the perfect combination of comfort and support. Thus, you can rest assured that getting a good night’s sleep is easy with this mattress.  

What’s more, all materials used in the construction of this mattress are completely hypoallergenic, making it an ideal option for people with allergies. And these materials do not gather pet hair, mold, and dust mites easily, so keeping it all clean does not require much work. Also, this hybrid spring mattress features a 7-zone system that minimizes disturbances and makes it a good choice if you share the mattress.


Those who prefer softer mattresses may find this option unsuitable. 


Combining its CoolTech gel memory foam technology with innersprings and natural latex, this hybrid spring mattress is an amazing product that can deliver quality sleep effectively. 

4. Uratex Trill Foam Mattress

The next item on this list is the Uratex Trill, the first mattress-in-a-box available in the Philippines. It is a 2-in-1 mattress that offers different firmness levels and can be flipped easily to select the firmness level you need. Several types of foam have been used in the construction of this mattress, each playing a different role. The Senso memory foam provides comfort, while the Orthopaedic foam can help provide pain relief. 

Similarly, the TrillTex foam helps the mattress adapt and adjust to the movement of your body, enabling it to provide proper support. Then there is the Vital foam, which is especially suitable for heavier people and can prevent them from sinking into the mattress. This mattress is an environment-friendly option and comes with a 100-night trial and free delivery in the Philippines, making it one of the most popular foam mattresses in the country.


The Uratex Trill foam mattress does not come with a removable cover. 


Offering the benefits of several types of high-quality foam, the Uratex Trill mattress delivers exceptional comfort and pressure relief so you can sleep comfortably throughout the night.  

5. Comfort Living Philippines Memory Foam Mattress

With its cutting-edge foam technology that utilizes Cooltech gel memory foam, this memory foam mattress is another impressive product from Comfort Living Philippines. The gel helps keep the mattress cool, allowing you to sleep comfortably, while the memory foam contours to your body, cradling the various pressure points for relief. And while the upper layer uses gel memory foam, the base uses high-density foam, making it a good-quality supportive mattress.

It also helps ensure proper spinal alignment, improving your posture and preventing problems like back pain. Additionally, the ventilated design provides proper airflow for temperature regulation and works with the breathable cover to ensure a good night’s sleep. This mattress is available in three thickness options, making it suitable for different sleeping requirements. And you get a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects on this mattress.


The mattress releases a foul odor for the first few days after unpacking.


Those looking for a gel memory foam mattress that can provide pressure relief and is easy to maintain will find this mattress a great option.

6. Tempur Original Supreme Mattress

Tempur is among the biggest names in the mattress industry, known for its high-quality products like this Original Supreme mattress. This premium mattress comes with an all-foam construction made of different foam layers that provides a luxurious feel. In addition, the Space technology of the brand helps the mattress conform to your body shape, delivering unparalleled comfort.

The Tempur Supreme mattress also comes with a removable cover that can be machine washed when it needs to be cleaned, eliminating the hard work involved in maintenance. And since it is constructed from the best quality materials, you can rest assured it will last a long time. The mattress is available in five sizes, so everyone can find an option suitable for them. 


Being a premium mattress, the Tempur Supreme is a costly option. 


The outstanding construction of this mattress allows it to ensure restful sleep and makes it incredibly durable, making it one of the best memory foam mattresses in the Philippines.

7. Emma Air Mattress

Next, we have the Emma Air mattress, a spring mattress that utilizes the best pocket spring technology to provide solid support with breathability. It is constructed using German technology that provides the coils with an aerodynamic design so they can deliver the perfect amount of support to your back while sleeping. The springs also ensure good airflow, helping you remain cool even on the hottest summer nights. 

For proper cushioning, the mattress has a polyurethane foam layer that makes the surface soft so you can sleep soundly. And this temperature regulation property is further enhanced by the breathable cover that has a woven design and is very durable. This mattress comes with a 100-night trial and a five-year warranty, which are additional reasons that make this a highly recommended mattress. 


The Emma Air mattress does not have the best contouring capabilities. 


Thanks to its German innerspring technology, the Emma Air Mattress delivers a good user experience which is further improved by the five-year warranty offered on the mattress.

8. Mandaue Foam Philippines Foam Mattress

Most people searching for bedding products in the Philippines have come across the Mandaue Foam brand, known for its outstanding product range, which includes this foam mattress. It features a memory foam layer at the top that conforms to your body shape and a Flex foam layer at the bottom that improves spinal alignment. The mattress also comes with a polyester cover that contains polyurethane foam which makes it extra durable.  

This cover can be machine washed for easy maintenance and protects the mattress from spills, stains, and other damages. Additionally, you can find this mattress in multiple sizes, including single, semi-double, king, queen, and more. And each size has multiple variants, so there is no shortage of choice. The best part, however, is that the mattress comes with a 30-day guarantee ensuring hassle-free returns and replacements.  


This Flex Form mattress is quite soft and thus unsuitable for heavier sleepers.


Coming from a home-grown brand, this mattress does a good job of providing relief to the pressure points and also does not require a lot of maintenance.


1. What are some factors to consider when looking for the best mattress in the Philippines?

Finding a good mattress can be quite tricky, especially with almost every brand claiming to offer the best products. But by considering certain factors, such as those mentioned here, determining a suitable option is possible. 

1. Comfort

How comfortable a mattress is depends upon its ability to provide proper cushioning to different areas of the body and its responsiveness to body movements. Additionally, it will depend on the materials used in its construction. For instance, hot sleepers may find memory foam mattresses uncomfortable since they can retain heat. Similarly, innerspring mattresses may not be the best for those needing a plush surface. 

2. Support

Proper support is crucial to ensure that your spine remains aligned with the body to prevent pain and discomfort. And the amount of support that a mattress delivers depends on the material used in its construction. Generally, coil or innerspring mattresses deliver the best support, followed by hybrid and latex ones. Memory foam mattresses are not the best when it comes to providing support.

3. Durability

A mattress requires considerable investment, so you should ensure that the one you are getting will last for a long time. A good quality mattress generally lasts for several years before it needs to be replaced. This means that it will not develop lumps, will remain elastic, and will not have sagging issues that can lead to sleep problems.

4. Motion Isolation 

Motion isolation is an important consideration for people who share a mattress with someone. Mattresses that can eliminate motion can prevent disturbances when you or your partner moves during the night, ensuring unbroken sleep. Like the other factors, motion isolation depends on the materials used to manufacture the mattress.

5. Edge Support

Edge support refers to how well a mattress functions to prevent you from slipping or falling off the bed when sitting or sleeping on the edge. You should check and ensure that the mattress has good edge support and can deliver a great night’s sleep before deciding.

6. Price 

Since mattresses require a large investment, the price is another important factor to consider. Mattresses from various brands offering different features are available at varying prices, ranging from affordable options to extremely costly ones. People often think that a costlier mattress will deliver a better experience, but this is not always true. 

You can find cheaper mattresses with great features that ensure proper sleep. So, it is vital to check whether the mattress meets your sleeping requirements for the price at which it is available. This will help find the most suitable option. 

2. What types of mattresses are most easily available in the Philippines?

If you’re looking for the best mattress in the Philippines, several options are available. These include:

1. Foam Mattresses

Several types of foam mattresses are available in the Philippines, including polyfoam, memory foam, latex foam, and others. Each type of foam mattress offers certain benefits and drawbacks, which should be considered when selecting a mattress. 

For instance, polyfoam mattresses are affordable, while memory foam ones have the best contouring ability. Latex foam mattresses are naturally antimicrobial and do not retain heat. 

2. Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses may be constructed from natural latex or synthetic latex. Natural latex is obtained from the rubber tree sap, while synthetic latex is manufactured using artificial compounds. A latex mattress offers a similar feel to memory foam but is slightly firmer and bouncier and does not trap heat. It is also more durable but can be pretty expensive. 

3. Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring or coil mattresses are traditional options that contain numerous coils or springs within the mattress that support your body. These mattresses are generally firmer than most other options and are great at temperature regulation since the coils allow proper airflow. For people on a limited budget, innerspring mattresses might be the best choice, but they are not very durable. 

4. Hybrid Mattresses  

Hybrid mattresses aim to provide the best features of other types of mattresses without their drawbacks. They can be manufactured using several materials, such as memory foam, latex, and innersprings. The upper or comfort layers usually contain memory foam or latex, while support layers are made of coils. Thus, such mattresses offer a good balance of support and comfort without feeling extremely soft or firm. 

But hybrid mattresses are not as affordable as memory foam or innerspring ones. 

5. Airbeds

Airbeds are unlike regular mattresses since they comprise several air chambers instead of materials like foam or latex. They come with a remote or a smartphone app that allows you to fill the chambers with the required amount of air. You can alter how firm or soft the airbed is by controlling how much air goes into the chambers.

The biggest advantage of airbeds is that you can get different firmness levels in a single mattress. 


When it comes to bedding products like mattresses, the Philippines enjoys the presence of both international and home-grown brands. These brands offer a huge number of products that are designed to make your sleeping experience better. 

While selecting the right mattress from so many options can be tricky, the reviews in this guide can help make the process a bit simpler for you. Just make sure to consider the factors mentioned in the buying guide when making a decision. 

Or you could just go with the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress with a removable cover and 7-zone support technology for the most comfortable sleeping experience. Another option worth considering is the Emma Original Mattress, which features Airgocell foam and meets Oeko-Tex 100 standards, making it a high-quality mattress.