Best Mattresses For Stomach Sleepers In Australia

Sleep deep, stomach-friendly support.
Best Mattresses For Stomach Sleepers In Australia
Tom Greenspan
February 7, 2024

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Though not the healthiest sleeping position, sleeping on the stomach diminishes sleep apnea and reduces snoring. 

However, it leads to a host of health issues, among which the most common is ache in the lower neck and back. That’s because the torso sinks deep into the mattress, which leads to spinal misalignment. 

But what’s lesser known is that mattresses, which stomach sleepers use, are often the main culprit behind spinal misalignment and neck and back issues. 

Simply upgrading your mattress with one that supports your sleeping position will facilitate a good night’s sleep while providing adequate support to your lower back. But finding the right mattress that offers the best of both worlds– comfort and support to stomach sleepers is like searching for a needle in a haystack. 

That’s why we scoured the market and found the 5 best mattresses ideal for stomach sleepers. 

5 Best Mattresses For Stomach Sleepers In Australia

1. Emma Zero Gravity Mattress

Emma mattresses, including the Zero Gravity Mattress, provide people with the comfort and support they need to enjoy a good night’s sleep. What makes the Zero Gravity mattress much sought-after among stomach sleepers is its multi-zone pocket springs that support the larger regions of the back, hips and shoulder. In conjunction with premium AirGrid technology, this layer cradles the body to relieve pressure points. Unlike traditional memory foam mattresses, Emma doesn’t trap body heat and ensures maximum breathability, thanks to the Point Elastic Airgocell technology. Rest assured, stomach sleepers won’t feel suffocated. Above the multi-zone pocket spring system is a foam layer that offers personalised support to sleepers by contouring to their body shape. And at the bottom is a base layer that promotes spinal alignment even when sleeping on the stomach. 


Because it is robustly built and integrated with state-of-the-art technologies, the Emma Zero Gravity Mattress comes at a premium price. 


Sold in 5 sizes, backed with a 100-night trial and 10-year guarantee and stuffed with OEKO-TEX-certified foams, no doubt the Emma Zero Gravity Mattress is the best mattress for stomach sleepers. Adding to that is its soft-to-the-touch, breathable cover that is easy to clean and machine washable. 

2. The Origin Hybrid Mattress

Our next pick is The Origin Hybrid Mattress because it combines the comfort of a memory foam mattress and the support of a spring mattress. This mattress, designed by sleep experts, is equipped with a HexaGrid orthopaedic layer that is known for providing exceptional back support and comfort by regulating sleepers’ body temperature. Alongside sustainable fibres and materials, this hybrid mattress contains an Australian wool layer that is beneficial for stomach sleepers with respiratory conditions or allergies. Beneath it rests a bamboo-infused memory foam layer that is moisture-wicking and naturally cooling, which is why hot stomach sleepers won’t sweat on this mattress. What sets it apart from other hybrid mattresses is the CertiPUR-US-certified edge support layer that prevents stomach sleepers from sinking into the mattress. Other than that, the mattress features antigravity springs, a cotton blend fabric encasing all the layers and a top layer made of Tencel. 


Though ultra-soft and breathable, the natural Tencel cover isn’t machine washable, so you’ll have to invest in a mattress topper to safeguard it from leaks, spills and bed-wetting. 


Scoring between 6 and 7 on the firmness scale, The Origin Hybrid Mattress offers excellent pressure relief, thanks to the signature HexaGrid foam. Besides supplying it in 5 sizes, the brand offers a 120-night trial period and backs it with a 15-year warranty. 

3. Emma Comfort Mattress

Yet another mattress from Emma, the Comfort Mattress, made its way into our list because of its zero disturbance technology. The Emma Comfort dampens motion transfer, allowing sleepers to enjoy undisturbed slumber, regardless of how restless their partner is. Unlike its Zero Gravity counterpart, this mattress features only 2 layers– an ultra-comfy Airgocell layer and a supportive HRX foam layer. Even then, it offers a super-satisfying balance between support and comfort. Coming to the point elastic Airgocell layer, its moisture-wicking properties keep sleepers cool and dry throughout the night while moulding to peoples’ body shape to offer personalised comfort. Interestingly, the supportive foam layer promotes hip, shoulder and spinal alignment, thanks to the special zoning technology. Like the Airgocell layer, this layer adapts to the body shape of the stomach sleeper to offer adequate support. On top of that, it features an open-pore design that makes the mattress super breathable. 


As it’s a little firmer than a medium-firm mattress, it may not be the right option for a lightweight stomach sleeper. 


The Emma Comfort mattress regulates temperature and wicks moisture, while the grey bottom cover makes it easy for homeowners to move the mattress, thanks to the handles. Added to that is its 100-night trial, 10-year guarantee and high-quality foams that make this one of the best open-cell memory foam mattresses for stomach sleepers. 

4. Dusk & Dawn Premiere Mattress

The Dusk & Dawn Premiere Mattress will cater well to the sleeping needs of a stomach sleeper because of its firmness level. Scoring between 7 and 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale, the mattress provides excellent support to the joints and spine of sleepers, unlike other firm mattresses. Constructed using advanced sleep technology, Global GreenTag-certified foams and premium materials, the mattress leaves no stone unturned to deliver restorative sleep. Underneath the breathable gusset is a Dusk-Air tech layer that dissipates moisture while promoting airflow. Further enhancing the cooling experience are the Eco-Air comfort and gel-infused memory foam layers. Two more thick foam layers are added to regulate body temperature and provide body-hugging comfort to sleepers. Then comes the pocket spring system with 5 targeted zones for better contouring and support while minimising partner disturbance. It also has an edge support system that prevents the mattress from sagging by offering the layers optimum support. 


Offering restorative and deep sleep, the Dusk & Dawn Premiere Mattress comes with a steep price tag.


Each of the 7 sizes of the mattress is treated with Virase technology that creates a healthy and hygienic sleeping environment and is formulated using Global GreenTag-certified comfort foams. To cater to the needs of various stomach sleepers, this mattress is available in 3 firmness levels. 

5. The Koala Mattress

Coming with flippable firmness, The Koala Mattress is neither too firm nor too soft. That’s because the Kloudcell comfort layer is flippable, with both sides delivering superior comfort to stomach sleepers. All you have to do is unzip and flip the dense layer from medium-firm to firm or vice versa. Encasing the flippable comfort layer is the Tencel lyocell cover, whose moisture-wicking properties help you enjoy a peaceful slumber. A high-density support foam is also added to offer pressure relief and promote alignment of hips, shoulders and feet. Whether you share the bed with a restless partner or a pet, its zero disturbance layer isolates motion well. So, no matter how much they move around, you won’t wake up. What’s more, the bottom has an anti-slip fabric to keep the mattress in place, ensuring it lasts longer than other mattresses. 


Sleeping or sitting on the edge will be a problem as The Koala Mattress falls short of providing edge support. 


Not only is The Koala Mattress made from CertiPUR-US-certified foams, but it has also earned the GECA certificate, which means it’s good for human health. On top of that, the anti-bacterial treatment is added to the mattress layers to keep sleepers’ allergies at bay, which makes it ideal for hypoallergenic people.


Q1. Will a medium soft mattress support stomach sleeping position?

Medium soft mattresses score between 3 and 4 on the firmness scale, which means they are overly soft compared to medium mattresses. 

Such mattresses are extra plush because of the softer comfort layers, which is why they don’t provide much support. Because of that, stomach sleepers are likely to sink into the mattress. Hence, you should not go for a medium-soft mattress, or it will lead to back aches. As far as stomach sleepers are concerned, a medium firm mattress or a mattress with adjustable firmness will be the best bet. 

Q2. What are the different mattress types on the market?

Typically, there are 4 different types of mattresses– innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses and hybrid mattresses. We’ve discussed each variant below to help you understand which type will suit your needs. 

I. Innerspring Mattresses

Also known as coil mattresses, innerspring mattresses have been around for decades, which is why they are found in the majority of homes in Australia. 

The primary feature of such a mattress– pocket springs or traditional innerspring mattress is that coils are used in construction. On top of the coil layer is a comfort layer that makes sure the springs don’t poke the sleeper’s back when they lie on the mattress. 

You should go for an innerspring mattress if you’re a hot sleeper because it’s super breathable and promotes airflow. Even people who require additional support while sleeping should opt for innerspring mattresses. 

II. Memory Foam Mattresses

As the name suggests, a memory foam mattress features multiple layers of high-density foam, which contour to the sleeper’s body and provide them with the support they need. Besides reducing back and neck pains, such mattresses alleviate pressure points from deep compression areas like hips, shoulders and back. 

While traditional memory foam mattresses trap body heat, modern memory foam mattresses dissipate body heat, keeping sleepers cool. For people who find medium-firm mattresses comfortable, going for memory foam mattresses will provide you with the comfort you need. 

III. Latex Mattresses

If you prefer to sleep on responsive mattresses, latex mattresses would cater to your sleeping needs perfectly. 

Constructed entirely of rubber, latex mattresses are eco-friendly, which makes them an excellent option for people suffering from allergic rhinitis. Both the comfort and the support layer are made of latex, although the 2 may be composed of different types of latex. 

In the support core, firm and dense latex is used, whereas contouring latex is added to the comfort layer. Latex mattresses do a great job of promoting spinal alignment and relieving pressure. 

IV. Hybrid Mattresses

Mattresses featuring foam or latex with a layer of pocket coil springs are known as hybrid mattresses. 

Because hybrids are multi-layered mattresses, they offer an excellent balance of support and comfort to sleepers. Besides relieving body aches, hybrid mattresses are built with cooling technology to regulate sleepers’ body temperature. 

What’s more, motion transfer is minimal in hybrid mattresses, thanks to the combination of foam and springs. So, if you’re looking for a supportive mattress that doesn’t compromise on comfort, hybrid mattresses will fit the bill. 

Q2. What are the factors that stomach sleepers must consider when buying a mattress?

Mattresses come with a hefty price tag and are more like an investment. So, understandably, you’d want to purchase one that would support your stomach sleeping position. To help you make the right decision, we’ve put together a few factors that you should consider when planning to invest in a new mattress. 

I. Mattress Firmness 

First things first, mattresses come in various firmness levels– soft, medium, medium-firm, firm, and firmer options. Mattress firmness is totally subjective, as it depends on sleepers’ preferences. 

However, soft or medium mattresses won’t be the right choice for stomach sleepers because they do not provide adequate support to the spine or lower back region. Therefore, we suggest going for medium-firm or firmer mattresses because they support stomach sleeping positions well. 

II. Material

You’ll lie on your mattress every night for a minimum of 7 to 8 hours, which is why you should always take into account the material used in its construction. 

Going for mattresses packed with VOCs, formaldehyde, flame retardants, polyfoam, and other chemicals will lead to health issues like breathing problems, nausea, and dizziness. That is why it’s increasingly important to opt for mattresses composed of non-toxic materials. 

In this regard, our suggestion would be to invest in mattresses that contain Green GlobalTag, CertPUR-US and OEKO-TEX-certified foams. That’s because such mattresses are free from harmful chemicals and won’t trigger bedtime allergies or lead to other health issues. 

III. Trial Period  

Ordering a mattress and finding out it doesn’t cater to your sleeping needs is certainly distressing. Not only do you get body aches, but you also lose your hard-earned money. 

That is why investing in mattress brands that offer a generous in-home trial period is necessary. This way, you can sleep on the mattress for quite a few nights and decide if you should keep it or return it. 

In regard to the trial period, some brands offer a 100-night trial period, while luxury brands allow you to try their mattresses for 365 nights. A 100 to a 120-night trial period, in our opinion, is feasible, as you get ample time to sleep on the mattress and make a decision. 

IV. Warranty

Warranty is another important factor that you must consider when shopping for a mattress-in-a-box. Not every brand covers its mattresses with a warranty, which could be problematic if your mattress wears or tears after a few years of use. 

Always go for mattresses that are backed by at least a 10-year warranty.. 

V. Delivery And Returns

Aside from the trial period and warranty, you should check the shipping and return policy of the brand. 

Renowned brands offer free delivery of mattresses, except for a few that charge a small sum to deliver to regional areas. So, make sure to check if the brand offers free delivery or if you’ll have to pay for it. 

Also, check the return policy to see if the mattress is eligible for free return or if you will have to pay for shipping it back to the brand. 


Sleeping on the wrong mattress makes it difficult to fall asleep, causes discomfort and leads to nighttime awakening. In addition to that, it will lead to health issues like back, neck, and shoulder aches.

Back and neck pains are quite common among stomach sleepers because not every mattress caters to their sleeping needs. Bottom line: it’s time to dispose of your old mattress and get a new one that supports your stomach sleeping position. 

Now that you know the best mattress for stomach sleepers, choosing a suitable mattress won’t be too much of a task. However, if you still need help, here’s a quick rundown of our favourites from the list. 

Of all the options, the Emma Zero Gravity Mattres steals the show because of the excellent spinal support its multi-zone pocket springs offer to stomach sleepers. Plus, it’s integrated with Airgocell technology, which ensures maximum breathability. 

The Origin Hybrid Mattress is a close second because of the HexaGrid orthopaedic layer that alleviates back pain to a great extent while regulating body temperature.