United Kingdom Mattress Sizes

Dream big, sleep small - UK mattresses!
United Kingdom Mattress Sizes
Tom Greenspan
February 7, 2024

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When upgrading your bedroom, finding the right mattress to suit your bed frame is essential. 

While each bed is unique, their sizes are pretty standard. And this is true for the mattresses that you use with the bed frames. 

So, to help you choose the best option for your bed frame, we have curated this handy guide with the details of all standard UK mattress sizes. So, without any delay, let’s dive in!

How To Choose The Perfect-Sized Mattress For Your Bed?

Unless the size of your bed and mattress is optimum, you will not feel comfortable and won’t be able to enjoy a night of good sleep. That’s why it is crucial to match the mattress sizes to your bed frame. 

When choosing a mattress make sure that it is not too big or small. Simply, make sure that it is not hanging from the bed or is so short that you can see the frame. And now, we will take you through the most prevalent UK mattress sizes. 

1. Super King Mattress 

Size: 200cm x 180cm

If you are confused about the measurements of super king mattresses, let us break it down for you. These mattresses are 200 cm long and 180 cm wide (6 ft long and 6 ft wide).

When it comes to mattress sizes, this is the biggest that you can get your hands on for a super king-size bed. And it goes without saying that this mattress is best suited for large families who love to squeeze in together for a nap or breakfast in bed. Also, people who love enough room to wiggle around prefer to opt for a super king-size mattress. 

If comfort is of utmost importance to you, consider choosing memory foam and pocket spring variants for your king-size bed.

Also, this is a great pick if you like sleeping in with pets at night. To accommodate you and your furry friends together in the same bed, there’s nothing better than 

2. King Size Mattresses

Size: 200cm x 150cm

When you like big mattresses but not as big as the previous option, it is best that you opt for a king-size mattress. A regular king-size mattress is 200 cm long and 150 cm wide. 

After taking proper measurements, we noticed that king-size mattresses are relatively wider and bigger than standard double mattresses. This option is the perfect bet for people who are taller than average, as they can benefit from the extra leg room. 

Other than that, king size mattresses are a favourite among many couples who want some added comfort in their bedroom space. 

3. Double Mattress

Size: 190cm x 135cm

Most users opt for double mattresses to sleep comfortably while ensuring that the bed and mattress do not take up all the space in the room. Standard double mattresses are 190 cm long and 135 cm wide. As mentioned before, this is the most common choice among homeowners and is an ideal fit for most bedrooms where beds have not been customised. 

If the bed and mattress size seems too small to accommodate everyone, you can try to better utilise the space by adding elements like a double ottoman. This is especially needed when you do not have a standard double bed in the house. 

4. Small Double Mattress

Size: 190cm x 120cm

There’s no point in getting confused with the name- a small double bed mattress is simply a mattress that is suited for a queen size bed. These mattresses are generally 190 cm long and 120 cm wide, most suitable for small bed frame sizes. 

It is mostly recommended for use by a single person. But, honestly, if you are willing to adjust, it can easily accommodate two adults when necessary. 

In case you have a small bedroom, a small double bed with a small double mattress will fit the bill since they do not occupy much floor space. However, to make up for the need for extra space, you can consider adding divan beds and ottomans. 

5. Single Bed Mattress

Size: 190cm x 90cm

Single mattresses in the UK measure 190 cm long and 90 cm wide and are well suited for rooms that do not have much space. It is understandable from the name itself that single mattresses provide enough space for one person but are not great when it comes to accommodating more people or even a large pet dog. 

These are best suited for single beds. And if you are feeling experimental, you can consider using them for bunker beds too. But before making a purchase, ensure that you take the measurements properly that the mattress fits the bunker beds.

You can consider adding single mattresses to your children’s rooms or spare rooms, too, as they are pretty affordable. Rest assured, these mattresses will be able to support the growth spurts of your children starting from 4 years and continue being their companion till they are in their teens. 

6. Small Single Mattress

Size: 190cm x 75cm

Not everyone has a room that can accommodate a European king-size bed. If you are in a similar situation and experiencing a space crunch, it is best to opt for small single mattresses. These mattresses are 190 cm long and 75 cm wide, and are perfect for kids’ bed frames. 

This option is ideal for small bedrooms and spare rooms, but it is not a great idea to install one in the master bedroom. 

7. Toddler Mattress

Size: 140cm X 70cm

It goes without saying that toddler mattresses are the smallest of all the options that are available on the market. A standard toddler mattress has a dimension of 140cm X 70cm. These mattresses can only accommodate toddlers who are in the age group of one to four years. They are ideal for kids who are just shifting from their cots to experience the fun of a single bed. 

However, not all mattresses are safe for toddlers. So, we suggest checking the manufacturer’s instructions before making the purchase to see if it’s safe for your child. 

How To Make Sure Your Mattress Fits The Bed Frame?

You would be surprised to know that the European bed sizes might be very different from the related mattress sizes oftentimes. There are many instances where the bed frames are not of the same width and depth as the mattress sitting on them. Instead, you will find that the former are built to fit around the mattress. 

In that case, they will take up more space in average-sized bedrooms. To make sure that your bed frame matches the mattress dimensions, it is essential to check the measurements online. And if you are purchasing a bed frame for an existing mattress, make sure you check the dimension of the bed frame before placing the order. 

Things To Consider When Selecting A Mattress In The UK

1. Space

As much as you would want to introduce a super king mattress to the bedroom or to the guest beds, it won’t be possible unless you have enough space in the room. A bed occupies a significant area in a room, and you should be cautious about its placement to make the most of the space. 

In case you want to introduce large wooden bed frames to a relatively small room, you might have to rearrange some of the furniture. We suggest using a measuring tape to note the exact space available for you to introduce a suitable bed frame. 

Once you have the bed frame in place, use the measuring tape again to understand what mattress size would be perfect for your bed. Ideally, the right mattress should leave enough space on each side so that you have no trouble changing your bedsheets from time to time.

2. Type Of Sleeper

If you go off to sleep with a partner, their sleeping habits and patterns are likely going to impact yours. For example, if they snore heavily, there’s a chance that you will feel disturbed. To avoid this fuss, consider purchasing a super king or king-size mattress. This will allow you enough room to sleep on the same bed without getting too much disturbed. 

Final Words

Even though picking the right mattress boils down to what you prefer and the measurements of your bed frame, it can truly be a tedious task. You need to ensure that it is not too small so that you don’t feel cramped. At the same time, it shouldn’t be too big; otherwise, it will slide off the bed frame. And if the mattress is too long, it may make you feel isolated when sleeping alone. 

Unless you are successful in choosing the right mattress for, you will most likely experience disturbed sleep. In the worst-case scenario, you might even experience neck and back aches that continue well into the next morning. So, the trick is to find the right mix of size, comfort, and of course 

Until next time, happy shopping!