Best Pillow for Side Sleepers 2024

Sleep tight side sleepers, Best Pillow's in sight!
Best Pillow for Side Sleepers 2024
Tom Greenspan
December 21, 2022

Pillows are essential when it comes too sleeping. Many think special pillows are only used by those who suffer from excessive snoring and sleep apnea. 

The truth is even those who do not have any of these conditions still need a good pillow to facilitate relaxation during sleep. Side sleepers need specially shaped pillows to facilitate comfort. 

Moreover, these pillows for side sleepers offer many benefits. It offers proper alignment, so you will not wake up with a sore neck or back.

Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

  1. Eli & Elm Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow– Top-Rated Side Sleeper Pillow
  2. Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows–  Best Memory Foam Pillow for Sleepers on Tight Budget
  3. Xtreme Comforts Pillows– Breathable Fabric Pillows for Side Sleepers
  4. Layla Kapok Pillow– Customizable Pillows for Side Sleepers
  5. SHEEX Original Down Alternative Pillow– Best Cooling Pillow

Finding the best pillow for side sleepers is challenging since several varieties are available. 

However, we'll help you narrow down your selection by providing you with the best brands on the market today.

Eli & Elm Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow

The Eli & Elm Custom pillow is an excellent option for side sleepers. The pillow's unique design allows you to adjust the amount of filling you want on each side. Thus, you don't have to worry about having too much or too little fill on one side. This is especially helpful if you prefer an elevated head at night.

The pillow also has a removable case. It is not only comfortable but also easy to wash. Just throw it in the washing machine on cold and tumble dry on low heat to keep your pillow fresh and clean.

Eli & Elm pillow fill comprises 25% polyester fiber and 75% latex noodles. The polyester fiber filling provides excellent support for side sleepers and helps keep your head aligned with your spine while keeping your spine straight. 

The latex noodle provides softness where needed and also enough firmness that it won't crush down over time.

If you want to customize the feel of your pillow even further, you can order a custom pillowcase from the brand's website. This will allow you to choose from different colors so you can pair your pillow with any comforter or blanket.


  • Curved cutout
  • Extra fill
  • Neck support


  • Its shape isn't for standard pillowcases

Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows

Many factors make Beckham Hotel Collection bed pillows excellent for side sleepers. The pillow's design makes it stay firmly in place on your bed. 

You do not need to keep tossing or turning to find the most comfortable position for your head and neck. The design guarantees your head will remain on the pillow, even as you roll from side to back, and vice versa throughout the night.

Beckham Hotel Collection pillows are fade-resistant, so they will always look good as new. The fabric used in these pillows is also stain-resistant. 

Hence, you do not have to worry if they get dirty or stained by sweat. Your pillows will last much longer than other types on the market today.

Side sleepers need extra support because their heads tend to rest on one shoulder more than when they lie down on their sides. This can lead to neck and shoulder pain if you don't have enough support under your head when you sleep on your side. 

The Beckham Hotel Collection firm pillow has enough fill in its core to provide comfort without being too soft or firm for side-sleeping needs.


  • Durable
  • Firm and soft
  • Machine washable cover


  • Its king-size pillow has a queen-size fill

Xtreme Comforts Pillows

The fabric used in Xtreme Comforts Pillows is breathable; the materials allow air to pass through, giving you that cool feeling. This keeps your head even on warm nights, and you can sleep peacefully without sweating too much. 

The fabric also prevents moisture from building up inside the pillow, ensuring the filling is always dry. If the filling inside gets damp, it can cause bacteria and mold to grow. 

The memory foam pillow features an inner zipper for adjustability. If you have trouble getting comfortable with your current side sleeper pillow, this feature allows you to customize your comfort level by adjusting the firmness level of your pillow.

Another great feature of this pillow is the filling is evenly distributed, so there are no uneven surfaces or lumps. Hence, you won't feel unnecessary pressure on your head or neck when lying on it. This way, you won't wake up feeling uncomfortable or sore while using this pillow.


  • Keeps moisture away
  • Neutral temperature
  • Comfortable pillow cover
  • Easy-to-clean cover


  • Its odor is not for everyone

Layla Kapok Pillow

This is one of the most eco-friendly pillows on the market today. The kapok tree fibers used in its construction can be harvested without harming or destroying trees. 

Hence, it makes it an ideal choice for those who care about the environment and sustainable choices. 

As one of the shredded memory foam pillows, it is also hypoallergenic and resistant to mold spores, bacteria, and allergens like dust mites and pet dander.

The Layla Kapok Pillow features a high-loft design that supports your head, neck, and shoulders when you sleep on your side. This design helps keep your spine aligned so you can rest well and sleep comfortably.

The copper infusion helps reduce heat retention. It does so by absorbing and dissipating heat from your body. This makes the pillow more comfortable for sleepers who tend to heat up easily or sweat a lot at night.


  • Customizable fill
  • Conforming and soft pillow feel
  • Sustainable pillow
  • Hypoallergenic


  • It doesn't maintain its shape for long

SHEEX Original Down Alternative Pillow

SHEEX comes from a wrinkle-free fabric that is cool to the touch and very soft. This allows you to use them year-round regardless of the weather.

The pillows have breathable technology so that you don't overheat at night. Sleeping on your side makes it easy for your body heat to build up under the covers, making it difficult to fall asleep comfortably. 

The pillows keep your head cool by allowing airflow through their specially designed materials so that you stay comfortable all night.

SHEEX pillows are easy to wash. You only need to toss them in the washing machine with your regular laundry or hand-wash them with mild soap and water. 


  • Fade-resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Helps reduce night sweating
  • Wrinkle-free and easy to maintain


  • Some people may find the pillow to be too thick

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Pillows for Side Sleepers

Many brands and types of pillows are available in the market; not all are good for side sleepers. If you want to buy a side sleeper pillow, you should consider the following factors before buying one:


The first thing to consider is how much support you need. Side sleepers generally require more support than back or stomach sleepers. 

This can be tricky because it's not a one-size-fits-all situation. Some side sleepers may require more support than others. If you're a heavier person and need a lot of support, consider buying a firmer pillow. 

However, a softer pillow might work better for you if you're a smaller person who doesn't need much support.

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is another important factor when choosing your perfect pillow for side sleeping. It would be best to look for one that will cradle your head and neck without putting too much pressure on them while sleeping on your side. 

Testing it at home is the best way to determine if a pillow provides enough pressure relief. Have your head lie against it for about 20 minutes before making any conclusions about its effectiveness based solely on the brand name or price tag alone.


The firmness of a pillow greatly depends on your personal preference. However, it isn't just about how comfortable a pillow feels against your skin. It's also about how well it supports your head and neck at different angles.

As a side sleeper, you should pick firmer pillows because they provide more support for your neck as you roll from one side to another during sleep. 

They also prevent your head from sinking too far into the mattress when you lie on your back at night.

Profile Loft

The profile loft or height refers to how thick the pillow is from top-to-bottom. High loft pillows mean more material between you and the bed, providing more support for your head and neck.

You should choose a side sleeper pillow with at least 4 inches of profile loft. The size will help keep your neck aligned well when you sleep on your side.

Pillow Fill

The pillow's fill determines how stiff or soft it will feel to the touch. The best option for side sleepers is down-alternative or down-feather blend pillows. Plus, they provide support without being too firm or soft. 

Down-alternative pillows have polyester fibers that mimic down's properties but don't cause allergic reactions like real goose feathers. 

Down-feather blend pillows have a combination of down and feathers. These make them more durable than pure feather pillows but less expensive than pure down pillows.

Quality Materials

The fabric quality used to make the pillow matters as it directly affects how long the pillow will last before needing replacement. It would be best to look for pillows made with high-quality materials such as cotton muslin, flannel, or memory foam. 

Hence, they don't get wrinkly as fast and retain their original shape longer than other types of pillows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which side-sleeping pillows are best?

Side-sleeping pillows come in various shapes and sizes, including wedges, wedges with arms, and contoured pillows. These pillows are usually more expensive than traditional pillows. 

Moreover, they are made with unique materials to support each sleeping position properly. Consider your needs and weigh each pillow's features heavily before choosing one.

Which sleeper pillow materials should I choose?

Generally, there are different pillow materials, but the most popular ones are down, latex, memory foam, cotton, wool, buckwheat, and synthetic fiber. Each has pros and cons, making them more or less suited for your sleeping needs.

Down pillows result from goose or duck feathers gathered from the birds' undercoats. The softness makes them a favorite among side sleepers. However, they tend to be pricier than other kinds of pillows, and you should also fluff them regularly to maintain their shape.

Memory foam pillows come from polyurethane foam cooled down to be molded into different shapes for maximum comfort when you lay your head.

If you need help finding the right pillow for yourself, take some time to try out different materials before making a decision about which one is best for you.

Are side sleeping pillows different?

Side sleeping pillows are different from traditional pillows. These pillows are designed for side sleepers to offer more support for their head and neck while sleeping. Moreover, they don't offer the same support as a regular pillow.

Side-sleeping pillows can come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Some have built-in contours that cradle your neck and head. However, others consist of foam or memory foam that conforms to your shape. 

They are often firmer than regular pillows because they provide extra support, which can be uncomfortable for some people.

If you're looking for a pillow that will keep your head from falling forward when you sleep on your side, then side-sleeping pillows are a good choice. Regular pillows may be better for you if you prefer softness over support.

What are the benefits of using side sleeping pillows?

Side sleeping pillows provide a more comfortable feel when lying down on them. This is especially important if you have chronic back pain. 

The pillows are comfortable and specially designed to facilitate proper sleeping posture. Hence, you can sleep longer and wake up without feeling sore. 

Side sleeping pillows can help reduce snoring by keeping your head in a neutral position. When you sleep on your back or stomach, the muscles in the throat relax, resulting in the soft tissues falling toward the back of the throat and blocking the airways.

A side-sleeping pillow can prevent the condition by supporting your head from behind. Thus, it doesn't fall back into your throat when you sleep on your side.

Using a regular pillow while lying on your side can cause improper spinal alignment by pushing the head forward. Hence, it causes a more significant curve in the neck than is necessary. 

Side sleeping pillows provide head and neck support on both sides. Moreover, they help reduce the angle and alleviate neck pain caused by improper alignment.


A big part of having a comfortable and healthy sleep is purchasing the right pillow. The good news is that so many best pillows are available, and it's hard to go wrong with any choice on this list. 

The best side-sleeping pillow will depend on your preferences, needs, and what's available in your budget. If you need help determining which type of pillow is right for you, consider the pillows we recommend in this article. Still, if you like another supportive pillow like the Saatva latex pillow, you can go for it.