Awara vs Idle Hybrid - 2022 Review

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Idle Hybrid

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Essential Information

Mattress Type
Hybrid (coils and latex)
Hybrid (coils and foam)
Year Launched
Unique Points

Made with as many natural and organic materials as possible, the Awara Latex Hybrid mattress is 2 layers of construction:

  • 4" GOLS-Certified Organic Dunlop Latex
  • 9" Premium Innerspring Coils, Individually Wrapped.

7 layers of construction (medium):

  • 1" Idle Quilting Foam1" Idle Air Flow Response Foam
  • 2" Idle Cooling Buoyancy Foam
  • 6" Quantum Edge-to-Edge Pocketed Coils
  • 2" Idle Cooling Buoyancy Foam
  • 1" Idle Air Flow Response Foam
  • 1" Idle Quilting Foam
  • *Note: densities and layers vary slightly on luxury firm.



Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS)Eco-INSTITUT

Other Certification Info


Twin XL

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Construction & Materials

Idle Hybrid
GOLS-Certified Organic Dunlop Latex, Premium Innerspring Coils, Individually Wrapped.
Idle Quilting Foam, Idle Air Flow Response Foam, Idle Cooling Buoyancy Foam, Quantum Edge-to-Edge Pocketed Coils, Idle Cooling Buoyancy Foam, Idle Air Flow Response Foam, Idle Quilting Foam
Breathable quilted cover made with GOTS-Certified organic cotton. The soft, breathable cotton, helps disperse heat around the body for your coolest sleep ever and a silky-smooth feel.
Our Thermocool™ fabric is designed to work with the body's natural thermal capabilities through smart fiber cross-sections. It helps you to feel warm when you are cold and cool when you feel hot.
Our 13" hybrid mattress has a 9" layer of supportive innerspring coils to help prevent tossing and turning and minimize motion transfer. When paired with our 4" of GOLS-Certified organic Dunlop latex, Awara offers you the ultimate sleep environment for your deepest rest ever. The Perfect Amount of Bounce. Ever felt like Goldilocks trying to find the perfect mattress? Our latex bounces back into shape quickly to help provide comfort, support, and stability. It's not too soft or too hard, it's just right.
Thermocool cover. Latex-like top layer is aerated for airflow and does not trap heat. Our Idle foam is temperature neutral, not using any visco-elastic or other heat-trapping chemicals so it's much cooler than memory foam. The coil units can sleep 20% cooler than a foam core. The quilting foam Is quilted into the cover for added softness and comfort on the very top layer. Combined with the custom blend foam (Idle Cooling Buoyancy Foam) that does not trap heat like memory foam and is much easier to adjust positions on. It is made without visco-elastic chemicals so it stays cooler than memory foam with better pressure relief.
We use premium, GOLS-Certified organic Dunlop latex, which helps provide perfect contour and support for the natural curves of the body. With a layer of GOLS-Certified organic Dunlop latex and premium wrapped innerspring coils, the Awara mattress perfectly contours to your body's unique curves regardless of what position you sleep in.
All Idle mattresses were 2-sided (the range has been expanded!). Two-sided meaning you can flip your mattress over to avoid body impressions in the foam and furthering the life of the bed. Ever wonder why your bed gets softer with use? The foam is breaking down and it will begin to sag and lose support. Flipping your mattress means it will feel new longer, last longer and save you money. Not to mention, the headache of buying another new mattress in a couple of years. The Idle Hybrids use the Quantum Edge-To-Edge Coil Unit. This is one of the best coil units available on the market. The Quantum Advantage: Edge Support: The coils run all the way to the edges of the mattress providing excellent edge support so you will not get a "roll off the bed" feeling. Motion Reduction: The coils react independently and will have much better motion isolation than a traditional coil system. Durability: The Quantum Coils System is one of the most durable systems you can get. With over 1000 coils in a queen your Idle Mattress will hold up for years.
Manufactured in
United States


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Size & Weight

Weight (Queen)
Available Sizes
Twin, Twin XL, Full (Double), Queen, King, California King
Twin, Twin XL, Full (Double), Queen, King, California King

Trial & Warranty

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Delivery Information

Your mattress will usually ship within 24 hours of purchase. Delivery typically takes 2 to 5 business days once your mattress has shipped, and could be arriving via FedEx Ground delivery.

You should receive your Idle mattresses within 4 to 10 business days depending upon where you are located. Idle mattress ship directly to you via UPS Ground. Latex Queens and Kings can take longer during the shipping process since they will come UPS Freight.

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