Bear Pro vs Idle Gel Plush - 2022 Review

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Bear Pro

Idle Gel Plush

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Essential Information

Mattress Type
Memory foam
Year Launched
Unique Points

The Bear Pro has 4 foam layers:

  • 1" Copper-infused Foam1.5" Gel Memory Foam
  • 2.5" Responsive Transition Foam
  • 7" High-Density Support Foam.

The Idle Gel Plush mattress is "the king of gel foam mattresses" and is a 4 layer construction:

  • Ice Fabric Cover
  • 1" Idle Cooling Buoyancy Foam
  • Natural Fire Resistant Barrier
  • 3" Gel Infused Buoyancy Foam
  • 3" Idle Memory Foam
  • 8" Idle High Density Foam Base
  • Fireproof Cloth
  • Washable Base Cover.


Other Certification Info


Twin XL

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Construction & Materials

Bear Pro
Idle Gel Plush
Copper-infused Foam, Gel Memory Foam, Responsive Transition Foam, High-Density Support Foam.
Ice Fabric Cover, Idle Cooling Buoyancy Foam, Natural Fire Resistant Barrier, Gel Infused Buoyancy Foam, Idle Memory Foam, Idle High Density Foam Base, Fireproof Cloth, Washable Base Cover.
Breathable and removable Celliant® cover. The Bear Pro is engineered with Celliant's FDA Determined Infrared Yarn Technology. Celliant is a revolutionary, patented technology that has been clinically proven to enhance tissue oxygen levels and improve athletic performance, sleep quality, health and wellness.
A unique replaceable cover with gel sewn into the quilted surface, and wraps our Idle buoyancy foam. You can literally feel the freshness when you touch it. Its also made of 500GSM pure cotton, which is why its able to provide such a luxurious feel. A washable, durable and replaceable base cover to keep your mattress clean. Just unzip at the side and its ready to be removed for cleaning.
We use different types of foam Copper, Gel, and open-cell to whisk away unwanted body heat. So you'll stay cool throughout the night. Copper creates a naturally antiviral and antibacterial environment. Breathable Celliant® Cover helps speed up muscle recovery. Copper-infused Foam for a cooler, cleaner sleep. Copper is highly conductive and pushes heat away from the body. Gel Memory Foam removes unwanted body heat. Open Cell foam structure allows for air to flow more freely.
Idle Cooling Buoyancy Foam is made without visco elastic chemicals so Idle stays cooler than memory foam with better pressure relief. Unlike normal memory foam that doesn't provide much support to where you need it most, our custom foam has greater thermal neutrality which means it goes back into shape much quicker and retains less heat.
Keep stress off your back, hips and shoulders. Contouring and cradling memory foams provide pressure-point relief and support. Copper Infused Foam cradles and contours to the body but offers bounce so you don't get "stuck". Memory Foam provides pressure-relief and support. Responsive Transition Foam offers pressure relief with balanced support. High-Density Support Foam provides long-lasting durability.
Rapid Response Technology. Idle foam mattresses benefit from advanced thermal neutrality, guaranteeing your body a comfortable contoured support which rapidly returns to form when you move, meaning no more sink holes across your mattress. Little to no motion transfer. Two layers of our custom blended Buoyancy foam with gel infusion, reacts faster than memory foam and has better support for more pressure relief, all while sleeping cooler. At 8 inches, our bases provide superior stability for every layer. Its one reason our Idle foam gel mattresses have at least 1" extra height compared to other brands. At 2.4lb of foam core density, this is at least 30% more than the market average, making it extra durable.
Manufactured in
United States
United States


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Size & Weight

Weight (Queen)
Available Sizes
Twin, Twin XL, Full (Double), Queen, King, California King
Twin, Twin XL, Full (Double), Queen, King, California King

Trial & Warranty

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Delivery Information

Estimated delivery: 2 to 7 business days. Ships FREE via FedEx. The Bear Mattress is constructed in and shipped from Mississippi, US, so delivery times may vary depending on its final destination.

You should receive your Idle mattresses within 4 to 10 business days depending upon where you are located. Idle mattress ship directly to you via UPS Ground. Latex Queens and Kings can take longer during the shipping process since they will come UPS Freight.

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