LuuF Simplicity vs Nectar - 2023 Review

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LuuF Simplicity


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Essential Information

Mattress Type
Hybrid (coils and foam)
Memory foam
Year Launched
Unique Points

The LuuF Simplicity is made with four layers:

  • 2" Gel Infused Comfort Foam
  • 2" Convoluted Serene Foam (5 Zones)Quantum Coils (up to 789 individually wrapped and in 5 Zones)
  • 1" Base Support Foam.

The Nectar Memory Foam mattress is made of three distinct layers:Nectar Smart Layer:

  • 3" Gel Memory Foam (Density: 2.13 lbs)
  • Dynamic Support Layer: 2" PU - Soft Conventional Foam (Density: 1.73 lbs)
  • Stay-Stable Base layer: 7" PU - Standard Conventional Foam (Density: 1.76 lbs).



Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS)

Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS)

Other Certification Info


Twin XL

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Construction & Materials

LuuF Simplicity
2" Gel Infused Comfort Foam, 2" Convoluted Serene Foam (5 Zones), Quantum Coils (up to 789 individually wrapped and in 5 Zones), 1" Base Support Foam.
Nectar Smart Layer: 3" Gel Memory Foam (Density: 2.13 lbs), Dynamic Support Layer: 2" PU - Soft Conventional Foam (Density: 1.73 lbs), Stay-Stable Base layer: 7" PU - Standard Conventional Foam (Density: 1.76 lbs).
A 360° stretch knit fabric cover. This allows for ease of movement and breathability. This cooling and contouring fabric is certified by OEKO-TEX.
Quilted Cool Cover A breathable poly-blend cover featuring heat-wicking, cooling technology. The cover will provide a cool-to-the-touch or cooling sensation upon direct contact this is because the polyethylene fibers help to quickly disperse or wick away any superficial heat transferred to it through touch. A Shift-Resistant Lower Cover keeps your mattress in place and the layers inside in place.
Breathable, 360-degree stretch fabric is combined with multiple layers of CertiPur® foam to give you ease of movement and air flow against your skin. This helps you feel relaxed from the moment you lay down. The top layer is Gel Infused Comfort Foam which helps keep you cool. The second layer has temperature regulating gel particles infused into the foam to ensure cooling comfort all night long. The convoluted design allows great airflow. The coils also ensure maximum air flow.
A sleep-tech-infused, cool-to-the-touch quilted breathable cover combines with gel-infused memory foam to help keep your sleeping temp regulated.
Quantum® coils in multiple zones offer personalized support for your entire body. This ensures you never feel as if you're about to roll off the edge of your bed. Comfort Foam in the top layer eases pressure points as you sleep Convoluted Serene Foam in the transition layer provides a balance of pressure relief and air support technology to five precise zones of the body. Individually wrapped coils provide personalized support for each sleeper in five zones in the lumbar.
Move around freely without waking your partner or spilling your drink. Gel-infused memory foam gently cradles you to sleep and keeps you there, with a snug-as-a-bug body hug. Nectar's adaptive memory foam layer helps relieve pressure points beneath your shoulders, hips and legs, encouraging better spinal alignment. Because truly relaxed muscles are the key to deeper dreaming. The 3 inches of cushy high-density, pressure-relieving gel memory foam used in the comfort layer cuddles every joint and curve. Get tailored bounce-back with 2 inches of dynamically adjusting foam from the transition layer. Get the support your body needs to relax into a deep sleep. A sturdy 7-inch layer of standard foam ensures the comfort and support layers above it perform at their best.
Manufactured in
United States


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Size & Weight

Weight (Queen)
Available Sizes
Twin, Twin XL, Full (Double), Queen, King, California King
Twin, Twin XL, Full (Double), Queen, King, California King

Trial & Warranty

Free Trial
Sleep Trial
10 years
Free Shipping
Free Returns


Delivery Information

LuuF beds are handcrafted and made-to-order in the United States. Typically 3 to 4 days are needed to craft your mattress. Transit time can take 1 to 5 business days via UPS or FedEx.

Your NECTAR mattress will be delivered free of charge within the contiguous US. A non-refundable shipping charge is added for Alaska and Hawaii. Shipping unavailable for US territories such as Puerto Rico and Guam.

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