Emma Diamond Hybrid vs Haylee - 2024 Review

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Emma Diamond Hybrid



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Essential Information

Mattress Type
Hybrid (Foam & Springs)
Memory foam
Year Launched
Unique Points

Take your sleep to the next level with the Emma Diamond Hybrid. This mattress has all the needed features to give you the sleep you deserve.

  • Emma Diamond Degree® patented technology
  • Foam layer with graphite dust for temperature regulation
  • Optimized for deep sleep
  • Dynamic support from pocket spring and memory foam
  • Climate-regulating and elastic cover

The Haylee mattress is a 4-Layer Foam Structure:

  • Haylee® Aeroflo Foam
  • Haylee® Cool Gel Memory Foam
  • Transition Foam
  • High Density Foundation Foam.

The mattress also has a bamboo fibre knitted fabric cover.



Other Certification Info


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Construction & Materials

Emma Diamond Hybrid
Diamond Degree® Graphite Foam, Adaptive comfort foam, Pocket springs, HRX foam
Haylee® Aeroflo Foam, Haylee® Cool Gel Memory Foam, Transition Foam, High Density Foundation Foam.
Climate-regulating and elastic cover - This fully breathable, removable, and washable premium cover is designed to help facilitate heat dissipation of the Diamond Degree graphite foam. Its airy structure lets the mattress breathe during the day without hindering the thermoregulatory effects of the mattress.
Haylee has a bamboo fibre knitted fabric zipper cover that is removable and washable. The cover made from sustainable and renewable bamboo fibres is stretchy and snug for a breathable dry fit. Naturally treated to keep your mattress fresh and clean and free of bacteria and other nasties.
Diamond Degree® graphite foam - With the infusion of diamond and graphite particles, this innovative coating quickly dissipates excess heat away; extending the duration of your deep sleep phase. The low rolling-resistance of the foam also requires less effort from your body when you involuntarily toss and turn during sleep, meaning you’re less likely to wake yourself up or be disturbed by your partner in the middle of the night. Adaptive comfort foam - This ergonomically designed foam layer adapts to your body and optimally distributes body pressure, allowing you to sleep comfortably regardless of your build or sleeping position (back, side, stomach).
Get a great night's sleep on the Haylee mattress thanks to improved air flow and circulation and cooling gel. And if you sleep with a partner (or pet) you won't be disturbed when they move due to the high density memory foam that works in parallel with the Aeroflo foam to reduce motion transfer. The top layer of AeroFlo Foam has perforated vents that provide advanced air flow and circulation by channeling your body's heat into the lower layer of Cool Gel Memory Foam, renewing coolness and regulating your body temperature. The Memory Foam is infused with cooling gel to quickly reduce the mattress temperature.
Pocket springs - The individually encased steel pocket springs provide dynamic body adaptation and improved breathability over a standard foam mattress, while also allowing for movement isolation to minimize disturbances brought about by movements. HRX foam - This supportive foam layer provides optimal 3 zone back support and superb durability.
Designed in Singapore, the Haylee mattress is comfortable and sturdy. The memory foam supports any body weight and shape, conforming to your body and offering snug support. This relaxes your body muscles, relieves body aches and therefore reduces the tossing and turning. Aeroflo and Cool Gel Memory Foam combine to offer excellent support. Under this is a thick transition foam layer with consistent weight distribution and transfer.
Manufactured in


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Size & Weight

Weight (Queen)
28.5 kg
Available Sizes
single, super single, queen, king
single, super single, queen, king

Trial & Warranty

Free Trial
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Green tick. It means Yes. It's available and good.
Sleep Trial Nights
200 Nights
200 Nights
Years Warranty
10 Years
Free Shipping
Free Returns


Delivery Information

Free Delivery

We ship your Emma products straight from our warehouse to your front door, of course free of charge!

All Haylee Mattresses are delivered in a convenient shipping box. All orders placed between 9am and 5pm, weekdays, excluding public holidays are typically able to be delivered to you within 2 hours, or from 11am on the next working day. You can also select a delivery time frame during checkout.

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