Amazeam vs Wonderbed - 2022 Review

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Essential Information

Mattress Type
Memory foam
Latex & Memory foam
Year Launched
Unique Points

The Amazeam mattress is a 3-Layer construction:

  • 3" The Next Generation Cool Gel Air Memory Foam Layer.
  • Responsive Recovery Layer.
  • Hi Resilient High Density Support Layer.
  • The mattress has a Chill Fabric top cover and 4D Airmesh side cover.

The Wonderbed mattress is a 3-Layer Hybrid Foam Structure:

  • Continuously Poured Dunlop Latex Foam
  • Contour+ Gel Infused Memory Foam
  • High-density Durable Base Support Foam.
  • The mattress also has a Breathable Fire-Retardant Inner Lining and is finished in a Premium Removable Cover with Advanced Cooling Fabric.


Foams are REACH Certified (the E.U. equivalent to CertiPUR)
Other Certification Info


Super Single

Raya Special Sale! Get up to RM 300 off the mattress plus free pillow(s).

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Construction & Materials

3" The Next Generation Cool Gel Air Memory Foam Layer, Responsive Recovery Layer, Hi Resilient High Density Support Layer.
Continuously Poured Dunlop Latex Foam, Contour+ Gel Infused Memory Foam, High-density Durable Base Support Foam.
A removable and washable luxury style top cover with an open-ended zipper. The cover is cool, soft and beautiful., 4D airmesh fabric featuring 360 degree air ventilation on the side panels., The inner cover is a woven fabric., An anti-slip base ensures your mattress is always held firmly in place, no matter what surface it rests on.
Wonderbed's mattress cover is amazingly breathable, with a high heat dissipation value and moisture wicking ability. Cool to the touch, the fabric was specifically chosen for its functional use in hot, humid, tropical countries. Not only is it breathable and cool but it's removable and washable with a modern design.
Enjoy undisturbed sleep thanks to the minimum disturbance design of the Amazeam mattress with zero motion transfer., Made with materials that inhibit dust mites, and are hypo-allergenic to ensure you have a good night's sleep with peace of mind.The memory foam in the comfort layer is infused with cool gel for excellent cooling., The side panels of the outer cover use an airmesh fabric to promote airflow.
Tropical weather means heat and humidity. The Wonderbed combines premium materials and advanced sleep technology specifically to deal with Malaysia's weather conditions, and as a result Wonderbed sleeps cool. Now you won't have to keep the air-conditioner turned on the whole night! Our µ(micro) Vibration Technology™ significantly reduces partner disturbance (as motions are isolated) so you'll barely notice the movements and you'll have a better sleep. All our different layers work together to provide the ultimate combination of comfort. Our superior latex comfort layer creates a light bouncy feeling and naturally spreads the vibrations from body movements dynamically across the bed. The superior open-cell hypoallergenic latex is collected from rubber trees. Latex is naturally anti dust-mite, supportive and bouncy. The multiple pin-core hole design is breathable, encouraging dynamic air circulation. The gel particles in the middle memory foam layer have a radical cooling effect, keeping the mattress consistently cool.
The Amazeam mattress is made with zero springs for enhanced spinal support. Memory foam offers excellent weight distribution, pressure point relief and prevents pain., The responsive layers provides contouring for natural alignment of your neck, waist, hips and spine., The high resilient support layer provides optimal, firmer and chiropractic back support and durability for sleepers of all shapes and size
The Wonderbed foam technology contours to your body shape, pushing back for the right amount of support based on your individual body weight and pressure points. No springs or lumpy foam! The Contour+ layer (the centre core) is gel-infused visco elastic memory foam, which conforms to your body shape supporting vital pressure points and provides stable weight distribution. The high density base layer is durable, retaining a solid shape over time that supports your back.
Manufactured in
Asia Pacific


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Size & Weight

Weight (Queen)
Available Sizes
Single, Super Single, Queen, King
Single, Super Single, Queen, King

Trial & Warranty

Free Trial
Sleep Trial
100 nights
100 Nights
10 YRS
10 YRS
Free Shipping
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Delivery Information

Delivery in 2 to 5 working days within Klang Valley and all the States in Peninsular Malaysia. 2 to 3 weeks delivery to East Malaysia. Your Amazeam mattress comes compressed in a nice and solid box.

Conveniently packed and delivered in a solid durable box. Free shipping Klang Valley-wide. Dispatched on same business day for orders before 1pm. Expected delivery: 0 to 2 days.

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