GhostBed Luxe vs PerformaSleep - 2021 Review

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GhostBed Luxe


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Essential Information

Mattress Type
Year Launched
Unique Points

The GhostBed Luxe has 7 layers:

  • Ghost Ice Fabric - Cooling from the first Touch
  • 1/2" Cool fiber layer - Provides air flow
  • 1" Gel Memory Foam - Give that Ghost Hug feel
  • Ghost Ice Layer - Phase Change Technology provides all night cooling
  • 2" Gel Memory Foam - Pressure relief and heat absorption
  • 2" Ghost Bounce foam - Resilient foam: responsive like Latex and contouring like Memory Foam
  • 7.5" Support Core - Hi density for durability and longevity.

3 layers of construction:

  • 2" CopperCool Gel Foam
  • 2" Enersorb Foam
  • 7" Thick High-Density PerformaBase Foam.



Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS)

Other Certification Info


Twin XL

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Get $125 off any mattress plus up to two free plush pillows with a mattress purchase. Use code SPRING125 at checkout. Ends soon

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Construction & Materials

Ghost Ice Fabric, Cool fiber layer, Gel Memory Foam, Ghost Ice Layer, Gel Memory Foam, Ghost Bounce foam, Responsive like Latex, Memory Foam, Support Core.
2" CopperCool™ Gel Foam, 2" Enersorb™ Foam, 7" Thick High-Density PerformaBase Foam.
The GhostBed Luxe cover contains a proprietary formulation developed in Japan where cooling properties are woven directly into the fibers of the yarn, creating the Ghost Ice Fabric. The Ghost Ice Fabric is instantly cool to the touch, and will absorb and trap heat that is released by the body. Molecular changes in the fabric will neutralize the heat, keeping the sleeping surface cool.
A luxurious cover made with TENCEL™. Cellulose fibers in TENCEL™ fiber fabric wick moisture away while staying impeccably soft.
Comfort goes beyond just cooling, our Gel Memory foam layer adapts to you, relieving pressure points and eliminating motion and tossing and turning. Experience a sense of floating as our new Ghost Bounce layer gives you the buoyant support your body craves, assuring long-lasting comfort and durability. The GhostBed Luxe core has a layer of Phase Change Material on the surface of the Gel Memory Foam - a cutting edge surface technology. While asleep, the Phase Change Material absorbs and dissipates large amounts of heat without raising the temperature of the inner foam layers. The result? The coolest night's sleep in the world.
The PerformaSleep™ mattress was specifically designed for people with an active lifestyle that need to recover fast. The CopperCool™ Technology infused into the top layer of the mattress help dissipate excess body heat, give a variable support, and eliminate any moisture. Athletes tend to be denser, therefore they need more support. They also tend to be hot-natured, and need a cooler mattress. In the PerformaSleep™ mattress, we give our athletes just that. The unique construction and technology of the mattress allows you to sleep cooler and better by elevating any pressure points in the mattress. This in return gives you a better night's sleep which in result will allow you to do better in your everyday activities. The CopperCool™ technology in the mattress wicks away excess body heat allowing you to sleep cooler throughout the night. When you are laying on your mattress your body will naturally compress the foam and in result the copper and gel particles infused throughout the top layer of the mattress start to coalesce together allowing for the heat to travel away from the body, from particle to particle. Our foam components also have higher airflows than most mattresses on the market today allowing for better heat dissipation.
Comfort and support are accomplished through 7 different layers giving you a plush delicious feeling but still providing all the support that you need for terrific spinal health. New Ghost Ice Technology fabric and foam layers gently cradle your hips, shoulders, neck and spine. Pressure-relieving Ghost Bounce & Gel Memory Foam layers are CertiPUR®-US certified and contour to your body, so you sleep soundly, in cool comfort all night long.
The PerformaSleep Enersorb™ material also gives you that bounce you need to help you move freely throughout the bed and not feel like you are stuck in a hole as with traditional memory foam mattresses. The Enersorb™ material gives you the same comfort, conformity, and pressure relief as memory foam but without the slow recovery. This is what gives you that bounce and allows you to move freely throughout the bed. Our Enersorb™ material is also more breathable than memory foam or latex allowing for better heat dissipation.
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United States
United States


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Size & Weight

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Twin, Twin XL, Full (Double), Queen, King, California King
Twin, Twin XL, Full (Double), Queen, King, California King

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Delivery Information

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The PerformaSleep mattress arrives at your doorstep in typically 4 to 7 business days after being made-to-order in our facility in the United States.

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