Emma Original vs Baton Sleep Hybrid - 2022 Review

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Emma Original

Baton Sleep Hybrid

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Essential Information

Mattress Type
Memory foam
Hybrid (foam & springs)
Year Launched
Unique Points

The Emma Original is made of:

  • Breathable eco-friendly hyperfoam
  • Supportive polyether foam
  • Pressure-relieving point-elastic foam.

The mattress also has a climate-regulating and elastic cover.

The Hybrid version is made of:

  • 5cm Memory Foam
  • 5cm High Density PU Foam
  • 16 cm Pocketed Springs
  • 1.5cm High Density PU Foam.

The key difference between the Regular and Hybrid is the additional 5cm Memory Foam comfort layer.



Other Certification Info


Super single

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Construction & Materials

Emma Original
Baton Sleep Hybrid
Breathable eco-friendly hyperfoam, Supportive polyether foam, Pressure-relieving point-elastic foam.
5cm Memory Foam, 5cm High Density PU Foam, 16 cm Pocketed Springs, 1.5cm High Density PU Foam.
A removable and washable top cover made from 99% polyester and 1% elastane. This climate-regulating and elastic cover ensures a good sleep climate with moisture-wicking fabric that adapts to your body and fits snugly around the mattress.The side cover, made from 100% polyester, allows good air circulation and features handles to easily manoeuvre the mattress in your bedroom.The bottom cover has anti-slip elements for underside traction to keep your mattress in place and is made from 87% polyester and 13% polypropylene.
The hybrid mattress also has the innovative cooling fabric - designed to keep you sleeping cool throughout the night. This cover is 100% removable, and washable. The sides are a polyester fabric and has a non-slip fabric on the base to prevent movement.
The Emma Original Mattress has the optimum balance between support and comfort. The eco-friendly foam is made from natural materials that help you stay cool all night. The Emma Original also has exceptional motion isolation you'll never be disturbed by your partner moving on the mattress again. Breathable eco-friendly foam is not only kind to the environment but kind to your sleep. This breathable foam wicks away moisture and stops you from overheating.
Individually encased pocket springs mean that your partner's movement will be localised and not transferred and interrupt your sleep.
The Emma Original uses advanced zoning to keep you supported in the areas you need it the most. The three-layered mattress core adapts to any body shape to align your spine, so you sleep happier in any sleeping position imaginable. This makes it ideal for people who struggle with back pain. The high-quality foams work together perfectly to distribute all pressure evenly across the entire mattress. Pressure-relieving, 7 zone foam is used in the middle layer. This high resilience foam distributes pressure perfectly across the mattress and effortlessly adapts specifically to different parts of your body. Supportive point-elastic foam in the base layer provides essential counter-pressure to comfortably support your lower back and make moving on the mattress a breeze without disturbing your partner.
The springs are encased in a 7cm thick foam perimeter - essentially a border right around the springs to keep the springs in place and to provide better edge support so you don't roll off the bed and for extra support when sitting on the edge of the bed. Pocketed springs give great support to your back and shoulders and other pressure-prone areas of your body. Pocketed springs give great support to your back and shoulders and other pressure-prone areas of your body.
Manufactured in


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Size & Weight

Weight (Queen)
19 kg
38 kg
Available Sizes
single, queen, king
single, super single, queen, king

Trial & Warranty

Free Trial
Sleep Trial Nights
Years Warranty
Free Shipping
Free Returns


Delivery Information

Free delivery and returns via Janio typically in 2 to 3 working days. Comes rolled in a box with the following dimensions: 38x38x110cm (Single) or 45x45x110cm (Queen and King sizes).

Free delivery on all mattresses.

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