Helix Dusk vs Casper Element - 2021 Review

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Helix Dusk

Casper Element

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Essential Information

Mattress Type
Hybrid (coils and foam)
Year Launched
Unique Points

The Dusk offers extra support and a medium feel, it has four layers of construction:

  • Cover: Helix Two Touch Design
  • Comfort Layer: Helix Dynamic Foam (Density: 2.45 PCF)
  • Transition Layer: High-Grade Polyfoam
  • Body Shape Layer: 6" Wrapped Coils
  • Base Layer: DuraDense Foam.

We made an expensive mattress that's not expensive. The sweet spot between superior comfort and serious value. It's a premium mattress in a streamlined design. 2 layers of polyurethane foam:

  • Breathable Top Foam
  • Durable Support Foam.


Other Certification Info


Twin XL

Get 2 Free Dream Pillows with mattress and $100 off (or get $150 or $200 off when you spend $1,250 or $1,750).

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Exclusive Deal! Get $100 off the Original Mattress or $200 off a Nova or Wave mattress.

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Construction & Materials

Helix Two Touch Design, Helix Dynamic Foam, Transition Layer, Body Shape Layer, Base Layer
Breathable Top Foam, Durable Support Foam.
Helix Two Touch Design. Each mattress comes with a top cover layer with stretch and a soft touch as well as a lower cover layer for airflow and breathability. Top cover - 100% soft polyester. Lower cover - Jersey knit fabric with woven fire barrier. Upgrade to ultra cool knit cover for cooler nights (available at checkout). This Ultra-Cool Cover is designed using phase change material to keep your body cool when you sleep. Simply zip on the Ultra-Cool Cover in place of your standard cover for quick and easy use.
Planet-friendly textiles. Up to 9 recycled bottles in each cover.
Our special latex-foam hybrid alternative, designed to react and contour to your body.
A layer of AirScape™ perforated breathable foam increases airflow and circulates air so you don't get too hot at night. The innovative cooling system designed to help keep you cool all night. AirScape™: A top layer of perforated breathable foam helps reduce heat. Tiny holes move hot air and body heat away.
Specially designed using proprietary Helix Dynamic Foam to react to your body shape and aid recovery. Density of the top and middle layers optimized to give you extra support based on your body type. High-Grade Polyfoam
Premium foam conforms to your body to relieve pressure. The durable base is engineered to prevent sinking and sagging while supporting your whole body. Balanced softness and support.
Manufactured in
United States
United States


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Size & Weight

Weight (Queen)
Available Sizes
Twin, Twin XL, Full (Double), Queen, King, California King
Twin, Twin XL, Full (Double), Queen, King, California King

Trial & Warranty

Free Trial
Sleep Trial
10 years
10 years
Free Shipping
Free Returns


Delivery Information

Your Helix Mattress is gently compressed, rolled, and put in a box that's about the size of a bag of golf clubs for easy shipping! Packaging dimensions are 16" x 16" x 48", and we ship via UPS Ground direct from the manufacture to your door.

We ship via UPS Standard in the United States and Canada from warehouse partners in each country. In parts of New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, we offer same-day courier delivery. Additional fees may apply for HI, AK, and certain areas of Canada. Terms and conditions apply.

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